Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is this the Robstein Confirmation we have been waiting for?

I say no! lol here is the thing she is not holding his hand. clearly she is holding his arm. I do that with all my guy friends. Does not mean they are showing anything but friendship so far. But really I don't care if they are together if they are more power to them, but I think its their lives let them live it. But I still love you Rob!

More France Pictures

i love it! but there are more to come!

Robert Pattinson says Edward is a Jerk

Rob thinks that we would be scared of Edward was real but human not vampire and was to stalk us.

Robert Pattinson says that durring filming the "breaking up" part of New Moon, he felt as if the fans were watching him. As stressful it is playing the loveable Vampire Edward Cullen, he says Eward "could be considred something of a jerk" also a "stalker." Do we think so? IDK if Edward was human and was stalking me...yea depends if I like it. But Rob u can come stalk me anytime!
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Who would Rob like to Direct Breaking Dawn?

According to Exmainer Rob was asked about Breaking Dawn. Rob says he thinks that its going to be filmed on Portland and since there might me filming there he would like Gus Van Sant. Rob said that he would like it if Sant Directed simpliy because Sant is great at filimg in Portland. Weather any of this is true is still unknown to me. But it seems there is alot going around about filming Breaking Dawn.

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BYE BYE France Rob Leave to come home!!!

Robert, Kristen, Taylor, and Chris in Paris

there is alot to post, but i picked the ones i like and i will post more along the way