Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Moviefone’s Best of “Twilight” Unscripted with Robert Pattinson

Here’s a treat for Twihards who have already seen ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ in the theater 17 times and have begun the long countdown to November 18, 2011, when ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ premieres. Check out Moviefone’s ‘Best of Twilight Unscripted’ video, a fabulous compilation from Unscripted interviews with your favorite ‘Twilight’ stars.

How does Kellan Lutz feel about a book focused entirely on his character, Emmett? What tattoo would Dakota Fanning get? Why is Robert Pattinson thinking about Flounder from ‘The Little Mermaid’?


Tate Ellington Who Plays Aidan in “Remember Me” Says Rob was always “Humble and Nice About Everything”

In a recent interview with OK Magazine, Tate Ellington who plays Tyler’s friend Aidan in Remember Me, talks about working with Robert Pattinson and you can read the interview after the cut.

Being mobbed every time you leave the house is all in a day’s work for Robert Pattinson.

But for Tate Ellington, who played Robert Pattinson’s on-screen best friend in Remember Me, thousands of screaming fans following you down the street is one helluva terrifying experience.’s Nicola McCafferty spent an evening chatting with Tate, the self-effacing actor who starred as Aidan Hall, about what life is like for the Twilight hunk; how tricky it is working with him and how they escaped the hysteria…

What was it like working with Rob on Remember Me, did you guys strike up an instant rapport?

“Yeah I think so [I hope so]! I met Rob at the screen test and luckily I wasn’t too nervous that day as I was like I probably won’t get the job so…

“But when I got the job and I met him again, he was automatically as nice as can be and I had to make a point to be more talkative as I can be really shy, and Rob had a bit of shyness too.

“I was happy he wasn’t like this big jerk coming into the room and he was utterly always so humble and nice about everything.”


“Remember Me” DVD Out in the UK

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me is released in the UK today so make sure you support the cast and filmmakers by buying your own copy today. is running an excellent offer for the DVD and Blu-Ray compi pack and you can order it HERE. We hope you enjoy watching (or most likely re-watching) this excellent movie!