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New HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel — June 14th

Video: Boo Boo Stewart Talks About Working With Rob, Kristen and Taylor to Fanlala

Costume Designer Tish Monaghan Talks Edward’s Style to Self Magazine

And how about for the boys [How did their styles change from "New Moon" to "Eclipse"]?
In New Moon, Edward [Robert Pattinson] is essentially in a suit throughout most of the movie because he almost gets frozen in time on the night of Bella’s birthday party, when the tragedy occurs. So he sports that look of a restrained, contained individual throughout the film. I wanted to ensure that in Eclipse, we brought him back into the world of a grade twelve student. I wanted to make a point of getting him back to t-shirts and jeans and sneakers, a more casual look while maintaining the Cullen’s flavor, which is always a little more styled – I mean, he’s never going to look too rough and ready. We wanted to get him out of the gentlemanly quotient and into clothes that look good and fit nicely, but seem a little more youthful. For Jacob, the only thing I changed was I put him into some cutoff cargo shorts instead of cutoff jeans. We ended up using a lot of the same t-shirts because they fit him so well.

2 Pictures from Collectormania (2006) now in HQ

Box Office Mojo Compares Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

Box Office Mojo compiled an interesting comparison of the three Twilight Saga movies and you can view a summary by clicking the image below. Head over to their site for a more detailed summary and rankings.


Great New Outtakes from Robert Pattinson’s AnOther Man Photoshoot


Tons of NEW HQ pictures of Rob from the Eclipse premiere!

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Empire: The 100 Sexiest Movie Star - Rob #2 spread

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