Friday, August 20, 2010

What Does This Hot Guy Have to Do With Robert Pattinson?


Colton Haynes wants everyone to know that he doesn't hate Robert Pattinson. In fact, he's never even met R.Pattz.

Why would people think he has a problem with Rob? Well, because Mr. Haynes auditioned for a certain starring role in Twilight…

Soon after Haynes started getting press for his work as a werewolf on ABC's Sunday-night vampire series The Gates, word got out that the 22-year-old former Abercrombie & Fitch model had read for the part of Edward Cullen.

"It's funny because I auditioned for it but it's not like it came down to me and Rob," Haynes told me earlier today. "But the headlines are 'Colton Hates Robert Pattinson!' or 'Colton On Hating Robert Pattinson.' I'm like, Are you kidding me? I don't even know him. It's more like, Congrats to him. He has a career that's going to last forever."

Besides, Haynes' career is coming along quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. Not only does he play watch-out-when-he's-angry Brett in The Gates, but he also appears in the upcoming Teen Wolf reboot on MTV (this time, he plays a human and not a four-legged killer) and Look on Showtime as a drug-fueled sex-crazed high schooler.

"He's a 17-year-old asshole who tries to be with this girl he likes in high school but she's a virgin," Haynes says of Look. "She won't sleep with him, so he starts making sex tapes with all her best friends.

"It's a blast," he laughed. "Showtime's all the drugs and sex and The Gates is the nice, teenage sensitive werewolf stuff. It's the best of both worlds."

And Haynes already has quite the fan following. Just take a look at some of the YouTube videos that have popped up in his shirtless honor.

Is it any surprise the he was voted "Most Likely to Be Famous" in high school?

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New Article: Robert Pattinson is Sweet in “The Bad Mother’s Handbook”

Here’s a recent article discussing Robert Pattinson’s role in The Bad Mother’s Handbook which is due to be released in the US on August 24th. Don’t forget to order your copy and read teh article below.

Before Robert Pattinson won the adoration the world’s teenagers for playing Edward Cullen in “The Twilight Saga” franchise, he had already made his mark in film. His 2007 comedy-drama “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” is finally due to be released on August 24.

Pattinson stars as Daniel Gale, a teen who is in love with Charlotte Cooper (Holly Grainger). However, things take an interesting turn for Daniel when he discovers Charlotte may be pregnant.

Meanwhile, as the nine months pass, the young man gets to know Charlotte’s family, which includes her mother, Karen (Catherine Tate), who gave birth to her daughter when she was a teenager as well.

Although Pattinson is best known for starring in “Twilight,” there are plenty of other films that fans of his work may enjoy. In fact, the tearjerker “Remember Me,” which also stars Emilie de Ravin, was just released on DVD.

The talented performer also starred in the independent drama “Little Ashes,” in which he played the renowned Spanish artist Salvador Dali.


WFE ‘Spectacular’ Speculations: “Raid!”

One of the most exciting aspects of pictures from the Water for Elephants shoot was putting together the puzzle. As fans we all devoured set photos and, after ogling Robowski, the next question was often; which scene was being brought to life? Now, by no means do we have a complete picture of the film – quite frankly I love that there are lots of bits we have no idea about. Buuuuuut, the pictures we do have often point to very specific quote in the book. And I like puzzles and pictures…so without further ado (that wasn’t much ado but I digress), we bring you…. *throws back the curtain*

Water For Elephants ‘Spectacular’ Speculations!!!

The following quote is taken from Water for Elephants, Chapter Eleven. Copyright (c) 2006 by Sara Gruen. All rights reserved.

“Marlena appears from nowhere and grabs my hand. We flee as sirens blare and whistles blow. When the crackle of gunfire rings out, I grab Marlena and duck into a smaller alley.”

Okay, okay maybe I started off a bit easy. ;) I’m just warming up. *cracks knuckles* I love this part in the book; a real turning point for both Jacob and Marlena.

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