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New article: Vampires Dominate Popular Culture

A recent Vancouver Sun article discusses the popularity of vampires within today’s media including several mentions of Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga series. So while we’re waiting for Breaking Dawn it looks like we’ll have plenty of other vampire movies to sink our teeth into.

Read the article in full HERE at the source and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Hollywood has repeatedly peddled the apocalyptic threat from aliens, machines, comets, viruses and zombies, but who was watching the vampires?

Never exactly absent from the entertainment scene, those eternal bloodsuckers lately have infiltrated everything from big screens and little screens to bookstore shelves, clothing racks, download services, video games and video, record and jewelry stores.

The low-budget Fox/New Regency Twilight parody Vampires Suck grossed $20 million in its first six days, and five million regular viewers rabidly follow HBO’s newest hit, True Blood, as it swoops toward its Season 3 finale Sept. 12. Meanwhile, Justin Cronin’s The Passage, Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn and Charlaine Harris’s Dead and Gone hover on bestseller lists.

These charming, deadly immortals are everywhere. And as a result, they’re spilling as much green as red — about $7 billion US since the Twilight film franchise bowed in less than two years ago, according to Hollywood Reporter estimates.


Vote for Robert Pattinson as this Summer’s Hottest Leading Man

Fans can now vote for Robert Pattinson in Moviefone’s End of Summer Movie Poll. You can vote for Rob as the “hottest leading man”, “hottest on screen couple” together with Kristen Stewart and you can also select The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as the movie which was most “worthy of your cash”, “best chick flick” and “best sequel.”

Cast your votes HERE.



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ClevverTV Video: Edward Loses Out in EW’s “Sexy Beast” Poll


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Robert Pattinson to work with Angelina Jolie?


Well that's what LaineyGossip.com would have us believe:

Yesterday Deadline Hollywood came out with a report that GK Films is developing a project for Angelina Jolie, based on a 2009 BBC miniseries called Unforgiven. It’s about a woman who, after fifteen years in prison for murdering two police officers, attempts to reconnect with her sister only to find herself the target of a revenge plot hatched by the sons of one of the men she killed. GK is already partnered with Angelina to produce her Bosnian War love story, and Unforgiven is being adapted for features by Christopher McQuarrie, one of the writers on Angelina’s upcoming The Tourist. This crowd must really get along.

As Deadline points out, Angelina doesn’t commit until she has a script in hand, but this project is supposedly fast-tracked, so it’s feasible it could be all systems go next spring or so. You don’t fast-track stuff you’re not willing to spend money on. And yeah, sure, I’d buy it. I like Angelina, I think she’s a good actress, and it sounds more Changeling than Beyond Borders.

And there’s a twist.There’s speculation in the wind that Robert Pattinson has been tapped for this project (I would assume as one of the vengeful sons). He had a meeting late last year with Angelina’s lawyer, Robert Offer--and a “celebratory” dinner, too--so his recent trip to see Salt with his agent is suddenly rife with new possibility. You know what? I like this, too. Pattinson needs a non-romantical role. He needs something that has nothing to do with how pretty he is and would actively work against his appeal. As Fight Club turned Brad Pitt from pretty boy to man’s man, so could a violent, explosive role transform Pattinson.


Fan Photos of Robert Pattinson in Rome (2008)


Have You Ever Wanted To Moon Robert Pattinson?

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How you may ask? Well here's how, with your very own Robert Pattinson "New Moon" toilet seat available now on Ebay for $19.99.
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New/Old Photos of Rob on the Ellen Show

Here are 4 new photos of Robert Pattinson promoting Eclipse on “The Ellen Show.” Click on the thumbnails below to view them in our gallery.


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“Eclipse” is one of the Summer’s Box Office Winners

Forbes.com listed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as one of this summer’s box office winner. Find out more below and check out their entire list HERE.

Summer means sunshine, school vacation and movies movies movies. Studios save their biggest popcorn hits for summer, and this year it has paid off. Children’s movies have dominated, but some surprisingly grown-up films, like Inception, have performed well. We used data from Box Office Mojo to compile a list of the top 10 highest-grossing summer films at the box office worldwide.

$650 million

The third Twilight movie (and the first to be released in the summer) is lagging behind the second Twilight film, New Moon, which earned $710 million at the global box office last November. Although one would expect the teen-sensation films to perform better in the summer, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Summit will release the next two movies in November of 2011 and 2012.


Robert Pattinson’s “Water for Elephants” Leaves Million Dollar Impact on Chattanooga

In a recent article WDEF News dicusses the impact of shooting Robert Pattinson’s latest project Water for Elephants in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Read the entire article after the cut.

20th Century Fox’s new film “Water for Elephants” recently wrapped a two week shoot in Chattanooga—leaving a $1 million footprint in local economic impact.

Based on the New York Times #1 bestseller written by Sara Gruen, the film has stirred a cult following and has been billed by those in the industry as Academy Award material.

And now the film has put Chattanooga on the map for filmmakers—building momentum toward future filming projects.

The role of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) in providing a vintage train and dedicated 3-mile track for the film set was the key to landing the shoot with 20th Century Fox.

“The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is what makes Chattanooga unique for filming,” says TVRM Marketing Coordinator Steve Freer, who has been working for almost two years to attract “Water for Elephants” to film in Chattanooga. “Vintage trains are getting harder to find, and we have several steam engines which are even more difficult to find because they are expensive to operate and maintain.”
Railroad museums have historically been involved in filmmaking, according to TVRM President and CEO Tim Andrews, who adds that the Tennessee Valley Railroad has enjoyed a long relationship working with Hollywood films from shooting train scenes for George Clooney’s multimillion dollar movie “Leatherheads” to the CBS television series “Christy” to the 1971 Jimmy Stewart film “Fool’s Parade.”


Great HQ Outtakes from Robert Pattinson’s “AnOther Man” Photoshoot

THANKS TO @CandyKizzes24


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New/Old “New Moon” Still Featuring Eward Cullen


Article and Poll: Vampires Have Become a $7 billion Industry

Check out this new article discussing the recent popularity of vampires in Hollywood and head over HERE to vote for Robert Pattinson as the Sexiest Vampire.

These days, Edward has competition from more than just Jacob.

Vampires have become a $7 billion industry, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and “Twilight” isn’t the only phenomenon sucking the dough out of your pocket. HBO has a hit with “True Blood,” and the CW’s “Vampire Diaries” has tweens and teens dreaming of undead heartthrobs.

Team “Twilight” reigns supreme, of course. Globally, the three “Twilight” films have earned an unbelievable $1.76 billion at the box office, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Even the low-budget Fox/New Regency “Twilight” parody “Vampires Suck” grossed $20 million in its first six days.

But with all of these immortals running around, which one is the sexiest? Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in “Twilight,” is a little pale, isn’t he? Is he really a rival for Brad Pitt, who appeared in “Interview with the Vampire” in 1994? And the ladies aren’t so bad, either. From Ashley to Kate to Salma, female vampires have their fans too.


Robert Pattinson Makes it to No. 2 In EW’s “Ultimate Sexy Beast” Poll

Robert Pattinson made it to number 2 in EW’s Ultimate Sexy Beast poll, the winner being Ian Somerhalder for his role as Damon Salvatore. You can read EW’s article below discussing the contest results.

When EW.com launched its ultimate Sexy Beast tournament on July 19, we were simply looking to have a little summertime fun: Take 64 of the hottest vampires, werewolves, aliens, mutants, monsters, and machines ever to grace the pop-culture landscape; pit them against one another in a good old-fashioned, single-elimination bracket tourney; see who prevailed (while indulging in a little eye-candy perusal in the process).

Little did we know how heated the battle would get. In a 30-day period, and fueled by Facebook and Twitter campaigns for a number of our combatants, EW.com readers racked up more than 1.5 million votes, and whittled the field down to just two players: the Twilight saga’s sensitive heartthrob Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and The Vampire Diaries‘ winkingly nefarious Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).


Robert Pattinson Receives Several Nominations at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

We previously reported that Robert Pattinson was nominated for the Favourite Movie Star award at the Australian Kids Choice Awards. We now have the full list of nominations so make sure you check them out below and vote for Rob HERE. Voting closes September 26th and the show will be broadcast on Friday October 8th.

Favourite Movie Star – Robert Pattinson
Favourite Kiss – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Cutest Couple – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Favourite Movie – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


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'Twilight Saga' author Stephenie Meyer on Forbes top paid list

Forbes has revealed their top ten list of the highest paid authors. 'Twilight Saga' author Stephenie Meyers comes in second place with a massive $40 million while crime novelist Jame Patterson hit the top spot with a whopping $70 million.

By looking at these pay checks you would never know that the publishing industry has been seeing a decline in the purchasing of novels. It seems that the purchasing of e-books is enough to keep these authors very well paid.

The top ten money makers are :

1. James Patterson ($70M)
2. Stephenie Meyer ($40M)
3. Stephen King ($34M)
4. Danielle Steel ($32M)
5. Ken Follett ($20M)
6. Dean Koontz ($18M)
7. Janet Evanovich ($16M)
8. John Grisham ($15M)
9. Nicholas Sparks ($14M)
10. J. K. Rowling ($10M)


Breaking Dawn Crew Concerned Over Shooting in Rio?

Although part of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be filmed in Rio de Janeiro, the Breaking Dawn plans in Rio may be shelved after a recent firefight and hostage taking incident gave cause for concern.

According to ABC News, the film crew for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is uneasy about shooting scenes for Breaking Dawn in Rio de Janeiro after a hostage situation at an upscale hotel over the weekend. Riofilme, the company promoting film production in the city, reveals that because of the hostage situation and ensuing firefight, Summit Entertainment is in emergency talks with city officials.

Although original plans called for scenes from Breaking Dawn to be played out in Rio, the incident with a drug gang and their act of taking thirty five people hostage over the weekend may prove scarier for the Breaking Dawn film crew than any vampires or werewolves ever could.


Robert Pattinson Receives Several Nominations at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

We previously reported that Robert Pattinson was nominated for the Favourite Movie Star award at the Australian Kids Choice Awards. We now have the full list of nominations so make sure you check them out below and vote for Rob HERE. Voting closes September 26th and the show will be broadcast on Friday October 8th.


Favourite Movie Star – Robert Pattinson
Favourite Kiss – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Cutest Couple – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Favourite Movie – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s Best Kissers

According to Hollywood Life Robert Pattinson is one of the 15 best kissers in Hollywood. Check out the full list HERE.


Luckily for these super studs, the ladies they’ve smooched are kissing and telling – and their feedback is all positive! Find out which gorgeous guys are the greatest at playing tonsil hockey here at HollywoodLife.com!

* ROBERT PATTINSON, 24. Rob’s Bel Ami co-star Christina Ricci says, “He’s a sweet guy and super funny…and a really good kisser.”


“Bel Ami” UK Official Update

We have received the following official update regading Bel Ami’s UK release via our partner project Bel Ami Movie UK. Don’t forget to visit the site for future official updates.

If you repost this update please source Bel Ami Movie UK.

Regarding officially released stills: there will be more but not for a few months as the film is way off being finished. The same is true of the promotional poster. Once these items become available they will certainly send them to us.

There is currently no fixed time scale for the release of this info.

Our official sources are very hopeful there will be a UK premiere, however a date has yet to be set for this. Once more info is clarified they will pass it on to us.

There is still no distributor for the 3 remaining areas.

They are very happy with the interest and will keep us updated.


Robert Pattinson in Remember Me - Part 2 Living Tyler

Jessegirl's wonderfully written second installment of Robert Pattinson in Remember Me takes a look at how Rob portrayed Tyler and how he brought Tyler to life in the film.

Robert Pattinson brought Tyler Hawkins to life in the most touching and genuine way. He showed us his complexities, both the flawed and the admirable, all of them, and we embraced that young man as if he were one of us, one of our inner circle. The core of was Tyler’s journey, and Pattinson took us all on it, allowing us to see the heart and soul of the character Will Fetters put on the page.

Pattinson never veered from that. He gave us Tyler’s body language, Tyler’s facial expressions, Tyler’s voice. Pattinson used his being as a medium to gain access to Tyler. He was living Tyler.

Tyler’s journey has its arc [which I will cover in a future piece] but here I will jump around, the purpose being to demonstrate various aspects of Pattinson’s performance.

On the surface, this college student seems like a fairly normal young guy: he smokes, he drinks, and he’s a bit of a male-slut. He displays the self-righteousness and recklessness of his age, getting into verbal altercations with his Dad and into fist fights without much provocation.

The son of a rich man, there is evidence of a sense of entitlement about him too, when he smokes in the inner lobby of his Dad’s company office, enjoying the discomfort of the receptionist who has to put up with his behaviour because he’s the boss’s son. Pattinson hit just the right notes in this scene, with the levity and boyish charm making the defiance, if still irritating, more palatable because it is funny. His line delivery, the crack in his voice, supposedly indicating disbelief, his physical gestures and facial expressions together show an incipient comedic flair.

Oh, and Tyler does one other thing; he writes to his dead brother in a journal [see my piece,Remember MeTyler's Journal ]. He carries this around with him, constantly makes entries in it, and his voice-overs are quotes from this diary. Now we are getting to the essence of Remember Me. It is grief.

Pattinson apparently said to the Mexican magazine Reforma (and I’ll quote it as I read it): “It’s about loss, how we handle grief, how it affects us. For many people, loss becomes part of who they are, and sometimes, in order to overcome a loss, we have to leave part of ourselves behind as well.”

Suddenly, everything this character does takes on a new sheen because, under that surface, Tyler’s grief informs all his thoughts and actions. And so, when Tyler hears his brother’s name in the alley, it is a trigger, and he gets into a fight.

This screencap shows us how Pattinson subtly conveys that Tyler is now alert, not to his friends and the Miami girls, who are out of focus for him, but to his brother. It’s all on Pattinson’s face, the alert preoccupation, Tyler’s inner world coming to the surface with that mention of Michael’s name.

Later, bloodied and bruised, in jail with a pissed-off Aiden, Tyler’s attitude is so evident in Pattinson’s body language. Tyler’s response when Aiden berates him is to play with his bunched up shirt, shrug, laugh it off, and hang his head down. Pattinson plays this so well, using his lanky body to perfection as his loose-limbed movements signal Tyler’s almost fluid yielding to his predicament. Pattinson told TeenHollywood that Tyler’s Mom had wanted to sue—a deleted scene—but Tyler didn’t care, that Tyler had this blasé attitude. It’s fascinating because we see, under Tyler’s overt indifference, surrender, which is another thing entirely. There’s a lot going on in this—and every other—scene, but it illustrates Pattinson’s ability to show us many layers of his character almost through his body alone.

Let’s talk about Tyler and guilt. After Ally finds out about Tyler’s nefarious revenge scheme and leaves him, Tyler is devastated. While Aiden chomps on Chinese food and throws him worried looks, Tyler sits absorbing the shock of this new loss, and stares morosely at nothing. He gets off the couch in the most laboured way, weighted down by his misery, and shuffles down the hall, head down, fingers hooked loosely around the neck of his beer bottle, his slow plodding gait a mirror for his emotions. We know exactly how Tyler feels because Pattinson has shown us, with economy of expression and movement, and not a word has been said.

Then the guys go to the movies; American Pie 2 is showing—a 9/11 clue if anyone is interested—and the audience is laughing hysterically at the hilarious sex scene. Aiden laughs and checks for his friend’s reaction; Tyler smiles half-heartedly to appease him, then returns to his true emotional state, the dark theatre shielding it. Here, in this tiny scene, Pattinson uses his face and hand to reveal Tyler’s feeling of guilt, and his nausea was palpable. The sadness just wafts off him, his eyes show us his pain. Again, no dialogue, but everything said through his subtle facial expressions and minimal movements.

Tyler relates to every other character differently and this gives us a chance to see different aspects of him. He is a truly multi-dimensional person.

With his sister Caroline, Tyler is playful, supportive, but most of all, the protective older brother. In the sweets shop, where we first see the Hawkins’ family dynamic, he gazes at her with undiluted and uncomplicated love and she basks. He is playful with her, shares jokes, treats her with respect.

She confides in him, especially about her concerns about whether or not their Dad loves her.

He picks her up from school and when he realizes she is worried her classmates think she’s a freak, he puts on a French accent, and entertains her with garbled French gibberish, ‘sacre bleu’.

When she invites him to her art show he responds, “abso-freakin-lutely!” which makes her laugh. Pattinson brings a natural ease to these scenes. He and Ruby Jerins make this special relationship seem so real, so vibrant and pure, it is a pleasure watching these actors exchange dialogue.

Even the smallest scene makes us believe we are seeing, for example, a big brother on the bed with his little sister, his arm around her while she cuddles up to him, hurt from a bullying incident. He reads to her, his voice gentle and life-affirming. Not Jerins and Pattinson—and not a hint of Edward or Jimmy Dean—no, it is Caroline and Tyler.

Pattinson has said—DVD extra—that “Tyler is not really living at the beginning....but by the end he accepts whatever will be.” He has also said Ally “shows him how to live and how to mature...” Before Ally, there was ‘toothbrush’ girl and others. But, to revise, Tyler is not a man-slut but too lost and tortured to have a real relationship. Ally is the key to Tyler’s change, but there is no grand epiphany, no moment when everyone knows Tyler has changed. It is gradual, more realistic, and there is backtracking and conflict along the way. Ally is, arguably, the strongest character in Remember Me and Emilie de Ravin has also done an excellent job.

Ally’s ability to change Tyler begins, I think, when she throws him off. She doesn’t jump at a chance to go out with him, but tests his responses to her questions and doesn’t extend her hand until she gets a bit of truth. Tyler, who could have any girl he wanted on the basis of his looks alone, has to work for it. And it’s fun watching Pattinson’s face as his character tries tacks to hook her. You can smile through the repartée of this whole exchange.

Then, on their first date, which she almost forgets, she really throws him with her talk of dessert first. Boy does she have his attention. Again, beautiful acting off each other. Pattinson’s facial expressions here are priceless, as he tries to figure out Ally’s peculiarity, to reconcile it with the intelligent woman he knows she is. He looks at her askance.

He asks if it is a political statement or a medical condition—great line—then listens, all ears, as she explains. He’s too confused to laugh, so smiles, his mouth doing a great acting job all on its own. He clears his throat, opens his mouth as if to laugh, then just closes it. Pattinson’s eyebrows quirk, but it’s his mouth that wins the award here. It’s priceless how he shows us Tyler’s puzzlement. Then, later, she won’t even let him kiss her good night! What a woman!

There’s a lot to say, about this and all of Tyler’s other relationships and how Pattinson handles them. But I know, even with the pretty pictures used for illustration, generally short attention spans prevent me from covering much more. Suffice to say that Pattinson shows, as with the moments I’ve already mentioned, the other aspects of Tyler so well. The mischievousness when he sprays Ally, the vulnerabilities, the hurts, the guilt, the violence, and so much more. I am only touching the surface.

But I will cover the boardroom scene. While Pattinson has garnered good reviews for his acting in this film (Kevin McCarthy, Jackie Cooper, Dustin Putman, Pete Hammond, Kirk Honeycutt, Mary Ann Johanson and others), some critics disparaged Pattinson’s acting in the boardroom scene thus:
“He’s all elbow, stuttering and petulance...the big fight...is painfully bad..” [David Medsker] and “...confrontation scene in which Pattinson goes so overboard with his acting...” [Edward Douglas]. A dissenter is Rob Stammitti, who says that the ‘fiery moments’ between Pattinson and Brosnan ‘show off some of his potential’. Okkkay.

I think Pattinson’s performance in the boardroom scene is very good, but no better than in so many other scenes. But blow-up scenes are flamboyant chances for the actors to let loose and people seem to think this tests an actor’s chops more. I disagree, because subtleties are much more difficult to pull off.

I mentioned—part one—that I perceive this scene differently than Pattinson does. In video interviews he has said that Tyler is bringing old ‘grudges and grievances’ to the table, that ‘they’re just old’ and that Tyler and his Dad ‘have had the same fights before’, that after them, Tyler doesn’t even remember what he’d been arguing about and ‘feels impotent because it didn’t mean anything at all’. He says that the reason Tyler fights is that he’s trying to ‘break his Dad’s confidence’, that he won’t ever ‘shatter’ Charles, ‘which is the only reason he’s fighting him'. And that he doesn’t fight his mother because ‘she’s already completely broken’.

Pattinson told TeenHollywood Tyler is ‘rebelling against nothing’. But Tyler does have a cause. He must break down the wall Charles built to keep his family out (probably after Michael died). For me, ‘shatter his confidence’ only makes sense if it means getting Charles to engage his family. This is of utmost importance and it is one of the things Tyler must do, because only he can do it.

There is so much going on in this scene—which I’ll analyze in my piece on Tyler—but the bottom line is that Tyler is determined to call his father out for ignoring his children, to provoke him if necessary, anything to get through to him, because their lives are on the line. Yes, it is histrionic, yes, ‘hysterical gibberish’ (Pattinson), but it is to a purpose. Charles must re-engage and Tyler must break down the wall because Charles is terrified to do so. It is pivotal.

A fellow commenter [‘Rum’, quote #48] pointed out that when Tyler gets to Charles’ office, sweat-stained from the angry ride over on his bike, he deflates and becomes a pleading child. Yes, Pattinson shows us this vulnerable, scared kid who wants his Dad to show them he loves them. “She drew you a picture...” . All of Pattinson’s body language, the hand on hip self-righteousness, the guilt-inducing lines—‘why aren’t you riveted’—reveal a man-child using any weapon at his disposal to get his Dad to wake up.

His face becomes ugly as it contorts in anguish. Yes, Tyler is absolutely anguished.

He continues by saying that Charles can’t just ‘shatter’ their world.

After Charles dismisses him as irresponsible, as a child—‘You pedalled down here on your bike’, ‘You’re responsible for no one’—Pattinson’s face mutates frame by frame from disbelief, to impotence, to pleading, to anger and cynicism. Pattinson shows this so well. Next comes Charles trump line—‘You think, whatever you feel in your heart, I don’t also feel it in mine?’—which, with his employees present, is pure grandstanding.

Tyler feels defeated; he is near tears here.

Then he counters with what the audience doesn’t know—‘You didn’t find him’—a line which Pattinson delivers with just the right mix of pleading, accusation and misery. The fact that an adolescent Tyler found his brother’s hung body is a class-A trauma, one that should be handled carefully. Charles only hardens at that point when he should be comforting. But, wait, he’s got a room full of witnesses that he insisted remain there.

Let’s address the ‘stuttering and petulance’. Er, yes, the stuttering was the gibberish. In reality huge rage produces stammering if it stays verbal, and actually, most such confrontation scenes in movies are unrealistic because they don’t show this. I don’t know whether Medsker criticized Pattinson or Tyler for the petulance, but this confrontation was necessary and Tyler used any means necessary to join battle. Because he had to. Anyone who doesn’t understand that, doesn’t understand Tyler or his purpose.


It was said that “Hollywood...is watching to see if Robert Pattinson can pull in a wider audience sprinkled with all ages and sexes” [Hollywood is Watching: Can Robert Pattinson Open a Film?]. Actually, those are two different questions. It turns out, the teens who love Edward, don’t like to see him with a different love interest, so they pretty much boycotted the film. On the other hand, those people who did go reported on the diverse audience demographic, and on the fact that non-Twilight fans received it very well.

-‘my date... was blown away. He loved it. He was so moved he couldn’t stop talking about it the rest of the night without choking up.’ [CAEdge. Brevet]
-‘I got dragged to this movie by my wife...It’s how this film touches my heart that sets it apart.’ [Steven. Brevet]

-‘We—on a French RM forum—all respond to RM on different levels according to our age—we’re 13-52—and our experience, but everyone agrees: the film is simply breathtaking. [Kim. Brevet]

-‘Took her 16 yr. old son, who said to her: “Mom, seriously, that was the best movie I have ever seen...Mom, this movie changed me.” [Kelly. Brevet]
I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

Tyler is the hub of the wheel and everything revolves around him. Only a really great performance has the power to pull in a broad demographic and have the audiences utterly invested in the fate of the lead character. Pattinson has done that. Tyler gave him a broad scope of emotion and the actor conveyed it, showing his wide range.

Pattinson was living Tyler for us. He made Tyler his. And because he did it so well, we made Tyler ours. Many of us made Tyler ours forever.