Monday, September 6, 2010

Robert Pattinson tortures the citizens of Los Angeles

If his pictures don't kill me, him trotting around Los Angeles surely will.

1 gorgeous man. 2 sightings. 3 people.
275,945 sobs from the ROBsessed Angelenos who were in the wrong place at the right time.

First up is from an MTV personality Thursday evening (9.2.10):


Cafe Stella...I love that place. Delicious. But hearing that Rob was there made me scream: "STELLLLLAAAAAAAAA!!!!" close...but yet...

Can't he just stay inside and order take out? *grumbling* kidding kidding

Second sighting, Friday 9.3.10, is no surprise. Soho House!

And an E News reporter tweeted:


While anyone can dine at Cafe Stella, Soho house is a joke for common folk. Membership is $$$$ and you need to be referred by a member. That still doesn't grant you access. There's the application process as well ;)

Glad Rob has a place that is so exclusive but it seems some of these Soho members are a bit ROBsessed as well...oh sure sure they'll claim they're telling the fans what they want to know but puh-lease. You know they go to sleep at night dreaming of Rob ;)

I thought I'd make us all a bit more jealous of the lifestyle by showing you some pics from the exclusive club.

I have a theory about a picture of Rob...I believe he "borrowed" a book from this room. Hehe...we know he likes to "borrow" ;)


Said by many to be the best view in Los Angeles...this picture helps that claim.


Overlooking Sunset twilight? LOL maybe we should say dusk.


Clearly. If Rob is there so much...Soho House is where its at.
Downtown LA peeking through the smog in the background.


*sigh* back to scowling at the city of Los Angeles. ;)


Robert Pattinson - 'How to Be' Behind the Scenes ScreenCaps

Little did Robert Pattinson know when he shot How To Be a few short years ago that women around the world would be swooning at his every move...

At every cheeky grin...


Every peek of the tongue...


Every drunken rosy cheek...


Every open mouthed guffaw...


Winning Wallpapers From Our First Competition!!!!

I gotta say all of the entries where beautiful! Myself and @marixaluvsrob had a hard time choosing our winners! Congratulations to both of our winners @emilyrayne and @DreamsOfEdward!

We would also like to thank everybody who entered our first competition and we look forward to your involvement in the competitions to come!