Sunday, November 28, 2010

A very feather-y wish from Bill Condon

Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon wished all twihards a very happy thanksgiving and black friday with a picture of..... feathers. But not just any feathers. And we all know what that means. Take a look. The tweet is as follows:

"Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours." - Bill Condon

The peeps over at Twilight Lexicon confirmed with Summit that this is indeed Kristen Stewart's arm. Can I get a squeeeee? How excited are we all for BD? More news after the break.


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Breaking Dawn filming in Vancouver soon

According to OLTV, filming will be starting right after Valentine's day in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 15th. Filming is now taking place in Louisiana, as we all know. We'll keep you posted as more news come in.


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Extended and deleted scenes from the Eclipse DVD

These are all the deleted and extended scenes featured on the The Twilight Sage Eclipse Two-Disc Special Edition DVD.

The Deleted Scenes Are:
It’s Not Life Or Death
I Can’t Wait To See What You’re Going To Do Next

The Extended Scenes Are:
Just Keep The Win dow Closed
From Now On I’m Switzer land
Someone’s Cre at ing An Army
Bella, I Envy You
What Did I Say About A Low Profile?
Jacob’s Thoughts Are Pretty Loud

There is a video that has all of the scenes in one. Here is the link

Source: Thinking of Rob

Oh, and I already have the DVD since it's already on sale here in El Salvador and saw the documentary and listened to the entire commentary. They are by far the best of the three movies. Can't wait for all of you guys to get your copies this coming week.
What did you think of the video? Leave us a comment below.

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