Saturday, August 28, 2010

Robert Pattinson to work with Angelina Jolie?


Well that's what would have us believe:

Yesterday Deadline Hollywood came out with a report that GK Films is developing a project for Angelina Jolie, based on a 2009 BBC miniseries called Unforgiven. It’s about a woman who, after fifteen years in prison for murdering two police officers, attempts to reconnect with her sister only to find herself the target of a revenge plot hatched by the sons of one of the men she killed. GK is already partnered with Angelina to produce her Bosnian War love story, and Unforgiven is being adapted for features by Christopher McQuarrie, one of the writers on Angelina’s upcoming The Tourist. This crowd must really get along.

As Deadline points out, Angelina doesn’t commit until she has a script in hand, but this project is supposedly fast-tracked, so it’s feasible it could be all systems go next spring or so. You don’t fast-track stuff you’re not willing to spend money on. And yeah, sure, I’d buy it. I like Angelina, I think she’s a good actress, and it sounds more Changeling than Beyond Borders.

And there’s a twist.There’s speculation in the wind that Robert Pattinson has been tapped for this project (I would assume as one of the vengeful sons). He had a meeting late last year with Angelina’s lawyer, Robert Offer--and a “celebratory” dinner, too--so his recent trip to see Salt with his agent is suddenly rife with new possibility. You know what? I like this, too. Pattinson needs a non-romantical role. He needs something that has nothing to do with how pretty he is and would actively work against his appeal. As Fight Club turned Brad Pitt from pretty boy to man’s man, so could a violent, explosive role transform Pattinson.


Fan Photos of Robert Pattinson in Rome (2008)


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