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An Article talks about Rob

I only posted the Part where it mentions Rob!

The reason I posted even though the article is not about Rob, well there is not much going on about Rob and we love anything that mentions him!

Robert Pattinson, in case you haven't heard. As when R.Pattz doesn't always brush and polish himself as much as some tightass folks say he should, it doesn't—at all—lessen him in our dude-discerning eyes. In fact, it makes Rob (and James) even more studly!

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Robert Pattinson has a Black Eye?


Rob was seen leaving a bar then arriving to his hotel, and i have to say poor thing! he can never do anything, was hounded with paparazzi. Pictures were there is alot of saying how he looks like a bum and that he was just seen awful. Many speculations are going around about how him and Kirsten Stweart are having problems and he's depressed, or that he is torn between his Agent and Kristen. All RUMORS!!! Rob is Rob, his personal life has remained unknown! This picture above shows there is no black eye. Tabloids say that he and Kristen had a fight and she hit him. WRONG! Some say that he got into a fight...WRONG AGAIN! Just look at the pic, no black eye. So please Relax he is ok. I promise. Rob is Rob. Just love Rob ok?

now I copied and pasted this for you to see what kind of things are going around.


Your local news reporting team decided that further investigation was warranted when I spotted pics of Twilight star Robert Pattinson sporting what appeared to be a black eye, and horror of all horrors for teens everywhere, sporting a beard!

I immediately contacted my man in Hollywood, Larry Sugarcraft, to find out what was going on, in order to satisfy the insatiable lust for insider 'Rob News' for you, my loyal readers.

Larry Sugarcraft told me:

"I can't be certain about the black eye, but Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart insists that if Robert does indeed have a black eye, then she didn't do it."

Which frankly was inconclusive either way. I also spoke to Hollywood hair stylist, Justin Whoopsy, who went some way towards explaining the beard:

"It's an open secret that Rob isn't particularly keen on washing his hair," Justin Whoopsy told us. "So he probably can't be bothered to shave some days either. My friend Gay Anthony tells me that sometimes Rob can be ever so lazy."

"Hey, dat's funny," A Hollywood Boulevard bum told me over a satellite link. "Somebody blacked his eye and made him grow a beard? The legendary Robert Pattinson? Hey, can you spare a dime buddy?"

I gave up. All a bit pointless really.

More as I get it. Not that I ever had it.

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Chris Weitz


Rumor has it that Summit wants Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn. Right now Summit is in the works of getting it up and running. Problems are the stars of the Twilgiht films, Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner are asking for more money and undecided if Breaking Dawn should be two movies or just one. If it does pick up as two then one will be realsed in 2011 the other in 2012. Long time yes? Well we still have Eclipse to look foward to on the Twilight Saga, but also we have Remember Me for all the Robert Pattinson fans, Valentines Day for the Taylor Lautner, and The Runnaways for the Kristen Stewart Fans. Breaking Dawn is still unkown if it will become a movie, but we hope if it does they really bring Chris Weitz back as Director. He did wonderful and an amazing job for New Moon. Lets pray and cross our finger for Chris Weitz!!!

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New Pics of Kristen Stewart in the movie 'Welcome To The Rileys"

copied and pasted!

Kristen Stweart sure knows how to play a bad ass lol!

A whole slew of photos emerged yesterday as Sundance announced their 2010 line-up earlier in the week. Though four of the five photos center around Kristen's character Mallory (probably because she's the biggest draw to the project considering "New Moon's" record-breaking success), though arguably Gandolfini's character Doug Riley is the film's main character.

Mallory is a 16-year-old stripper who agrees to Doug's proposition of being paid $100 a day for him to stay at her apartment in Baton Rouge and get his head together (read: no sex, no strings, no problem). Doug is struggling to cope with the death of his daughter eight years before, and begins to try to turn Mallory into his surrogate daughter. When Doug's wife Lois (Melissa Leo) follows her husband south and completes the picture, Mallory rebels against them as teenagers are wont to do

Three of the photos released show Mallory from the same scene, assumedly when she first meets Doug. A fourth is of Mallory looking vulnerable and pissed, sitting next to a bed wrapped up in a sheet. Our guess (and word on the street from those who have seen the movie) is that, as a stripper, Mallory doesn't like to keep her clothes on much in this movie. The final picture is of Doug and Lois.

When Kristen gave an interview for the "Adventureland" DVD release earlier in the year, she said the success of "Twilight" has given her the opportunity to do things that I really like, things like an independent movie nobody would normally see." She hopes that now people will go see her smaller films because the response will be, as she said, "Oh lets go see Bella in this stripper movie; itll be crazy!"

But "Welcome to the Rileys" isn't the only KStew-starring film debuting at Sundance this year. "The Runaways" (which also stars Kristen's "New Moon" costar Dakota Fanning) will be at the film festival as well.

Click on any of the photos above to see more from our "Welcome to the Rileys" flipbook!

What do you think of these pics? Is it weird did see Kristen not dolled up in Bella form?

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Taylor Lautner is Max of Steel

Taylor Lautner no longer a dog but a Super Hero?

It has said that Taylor Lautner has been signed to do a film of Max of Steel and is going to play the super hero Max Of Steel.

"Deadline reports the 17-year-old will play a '19-year-old extreme sports junkie recruited by a secret agency after an accident infects his body, leaving him with superhuman powers.'"

"I'm told Max Steel will be a four-quadrant popcorn movie in the spirit of Iron Man about a 19-year-old extreme sports junkie recruited by a secret agency after an accident infects his body, leaving him with superhuman powers"

"Lautner, 17, signed on with Paramount to play the lead of the new movie, where he will play a 19-year-old sports junkie who is given superhero qualities by nanobots after he becomes a secret agent.

'Max Steel' was inspired by an action figure, brought to America in 1999, which then became a TV show frmo 2000 to 2002 and will now become a movie." -The Celebrity Cafe

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