Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank To New Moon

New Moon is doing very well in the box office. Its said it is slowing down but not by much, thanks to the dedicated fans. New Moon is number 1 in box office with $230 Million. But Box Office is giving credit to New Moon for "The Blind Sight" numbers. Becaues so many people have seen the movie and more than once it has promoted the movie, and helping it rack in the mula! lol New Moon fans you rock

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The most awful made up carp i ever read. I mean I have read alot of crap but this is just plain stupid and wrong. I AM VERY AMUSED BY THIS!!!:D

"Insider says the couple is set to elope in London or Vancouver. “They really want to get married and are going to do it once all the Twilight craze dies down,” says the source. “Rob and Kristen are looking at eloping to London or Vancouver, since that’s where they fell in love."

wow well there is nothing i can say about this. It speaks for itself about being the most dumb thing ever. LOL

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