Friday, November 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson a producer?

Could we have asked god for a more perfect guy than Rob?

Examiner poseted what Rob would like t do. His Goal is to own his own production company. He says "I owuld like to make it easier for the creative people to get their thoughts hear. It's difficult now because there is such investments, so much money involved to make a movie in this climate." What a great guy Rob is. Smart, Good looking with a hott body and a sexy accent. He will go far in this world. I would love to his wat kind of movies he would produce. I LOVE YOU ROB!!!

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Is all the Hype worth it?

Will New Moon be great?

Six more days left for the Twilight Saga: New Moon to be released in theaters. This film has high action, heartbreak and Vampire love, but will it live up to our expectations? As most fans seen pictures and clips of the movie, will we still think it was worth the wait? Examiner says with all the "free promotions" because of "gossip sites, fan pages, bloggers (such as this one hehehe) the Box Office should explode on the opening weekend. It said already its over what Twilight made last year. So is it going to be up to my imagination? well lets see!

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Edi Gathegi (Laurent)

Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent, has been on Mall Tours to promote New Moon He say fans ask for "strange requests" when he meets them. He said that the girls "ask him to bite them, to take them to the prom, even to marry them." Gathegi say he won't hug fans beacause hug one fan and you'll have to hug all fans. One fan gave Jamie Campbell Bower, who played James in Twilight, a banana in bubble wrap. The fan read his tweet about having leg spasm and the potassium in bananas is good for that. "Even though Bower says he knew it could have be dangerous he did eat it. he jokes that he 'lives life on the edge, man."