Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Way For Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron

LEONARDO DiCaprio is more than happy to make way for the likes of Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron.

The Inception actor says she doesn’t mind relinquishing his heartthrob status to younger stars.

“They know all this publicity stuff is fleeting,” he said.

“There will be a new focus one day and the only thing that will last is the work that you put into it while you had the opportunity to get good jobs, but I think they know that.”

Leo — who’s dating Israeli model Bar Refaeli — recently insisted the media’s obsession with his private life is a small price to pay for doing what he loves.

“I hit the lottery,” he said. “I get to do what I love…The invasion into your private life, it’s a small price to pay. [Quitting acting] is just not on my agenda.”


Robert Pattinson Gets Bitten By A Lion

We bet Robert Pattinson is feeling sheer relief at still having his arm attached to his body after a lion tried to bite him on the set of Water For Elephants.

But before you start to think that Rob narrowly missed getting a serious injury, don't panic because Rob wasn't being bitten, he was being licked because the lion had no teeth.....

The actor who has taken on the role as a circus vet in his new film Water For Elephants has been shooting scenes with a variety of animals.

Of the expereince, OK! reported Rob as saying: “Almost every day I'm working with an exotic animal...It's insane, like I got bitten on the arm by a lion with no teeth.

"They were like, 'It's fine, he does it all the time.' And I was like, 'Erm, OK....' But they had to get him to do it harder, because he was being so gentle and just licking my arm.”

Just another day on set with Robert Pattinson....lucky animals....


“Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire” Ultimate Edition with New Footage Out in October

Great news for fans of the Harry Potter series! Ultimate editions including Robert Pattinson’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are due to be released on October 19, 2010. Find out more about the contents of this edition after the cut.

Created for fans of the world’s #1 film franchise, each Ultimate Edition features a new chapter of “Creating the World of Harry Potter,” a unique 8-hour documentary series with never-before seen footage, intriguing stories and the definitive insider look behind the films. Each hour-long chapter deepens the relationship Harry Potter fans have with the movies and adds to their understanding of and connection to their favorite characters, creatures and more. “Creating the World of Harry Potter” is available exclusively in the Harry Potter Ultimate Editions.
Each enchanting Harry Potter Ultimate Edition contains three discs filled with hours of special features. Also included are magical collectibles such as a book featuring over 40 pages of movie stills, production sketches, concept paintings and behind-the-scenes insight. The Ultimate Editions also feature collectible character cards and a bonus Digital Copy of the film. The perfect gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages, these Ultimate Editions will give audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter leading up to the highly anticipated theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part I on November 19.

Robert Pattinson Has A Dig At Twilight Co-Star Taylor Lautner

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has had a lot of flack for his skinny bod, especially when compared to his co-star Taylor Lautner.

But the actor has got his own back by having a dig at Taylor's err...package during a recent interview.

According to OK!, Rob said: "It seems like I'm always picking on Taylor, but the funniest moment was when he was in 
this little grey Spandex suit he sometimes had to wear for the CGI.

"Taylor quite frequently 
out-mans me, so seeing him in that little Spandex outfit
 made me feel much better 
about myself."

Excuse us Rob, but are you telling us you're quite well equipped down there?! * tries to regulate heart beat *


Robert Pattinson’s “The Summer “House” Makes it to No. 1 on iTunes Movie Sales

Robert Pattinson’s The Summer House was released yesterday on iTunes and it has already been a great success making it to the number 1 spot in terms of sales. You can watch a short clip from the movie below and you can head over HERE to download it from iTunes.

The actor stars as a cheating boyfriend who tries to win back his girlfriend (Riley) in the raunchy short film.

In the 12 minute film, Pattinson can be seen in a passionate clinch with Riley.

The film, directed by Daisy Gili, was filmed in 2008 before he shot to fame in the Twilight films.


Fight Scene Of Eclipse GIF's


'Twilight''s Robert Pattinson says 'Courtney Love is a dick' over Nirvana role

Twilight star and one of Forbes' most powerful celebrities for 2010 Robert Pattinson has called Courtney Love a “dick” for suggesting he is the wrong choice to portray her late husband, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, in a biopic she is producing. Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, is a Nirvana fan, but said he was not interested in playing Cobain on screen, reports The Mirror.

"Sometimes these things just appear," he said of the rumours. "I love Nirvana, but I love them a bit too much – I'd be embarrassed."

He also criticised Love for being too hasty with her comments when his name was linked to the tole.

"You see all these comments, like from Courtney Love, saying, 'What the fuck! He's totally wrong for it,'" he recalled, "and I'm like, 'I fucking said no, you dick!' I didn't get offered it. For one thing, I'm too tall, and I can't sing like him, I'm nothing like him. It's ridiculous."

Cobain's widow Love, who is executive producing the Universal/Working Title project, remarked in April that that casting the Twilight star as the late Cobain would be a mistake, declaring: "Isn't that so stupid, who would cast him? That's just wrong, no offence."

Earlier this year Love suggested Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy might be good to play Kurt Cobain.


New Robert Pattinson Interview with ‘Die Presse’ (Germany)

There isn’t a single actor of the current time so idolized as he: “Twilight”-Vampire Robert Pattinson. On Thursday the new film starts, right ahead of its release he speaks about fame, elephants, and the “first time”.

Rob, you could be crowned the most famous actor in the world right now. How do you deal with this strangeness?
There are good and bad days. I often wish I wouldn’t react in such panic. But I believe I can separate jobs from private life very well. So far my ego still hasn’t been injured! Currently, it is surely not simple to be Robert Pattinson. Can you believe what all has happened in the past two years?
Honestly, I have always said that it’s a subjective glimpse of the whole. For me everything feels the same as before, but there are a few aspects of my life that are completely different. I would just like to not admit that it has taken over my entire life. For myself, in my head, it’s the same as it was in the old days; I also have the exact same friends.

You are 24 and, as it is, can’t be anywhere without bodyguards at the door. Doesn’t it stink to you that you can’t lead a normal life?
Sometimes. But then I remember how my normal life was: boring.

Where do you live now, in London or in L.A.? Do you perhaps have a home?
No, I don’t. My “apartment” consists of three suitcases, out of which I live. Inside of them is everything that I need.

Isn’t that a very lonely life?
I work constantly, so I am always surrounded by people who ask me questions or give me instructions. That’s why I enjoy it if I can do something for myself. I don’t have any problems with having a two-month long period with no one to speak to.

How do you sympathize with Edward in respect to women? Is he the knight in shining armor about whom we apparently all still dream?
I hear often that this story is too old-fashioned and encourages women to take on subservient roles. I don’t think that at all! Even when Bella sometimes has moments of helplessness, she is still only a fictional character. What are we coming to, if every fictional film character is automatically a role model for our society!

“Twilight” represents very old-fashioned values. Bella and Edward first go to bed with each other after their marriage. Are you also against sex before marriage?
I believe rather, that everyone has sex before marriage (laughs)—then and now. I also don’t believe that girls ‘must respect themselves’ or that boys only want ‘the one’. If you behave like a gentleman, because chastity really suits you—okay. But if you take it for the newest fad in the dating world, then it’s rather off the mark.

You said once, you find that the saga, without sex, is sexy…
Yeah, I think so. Every one of us knows the time, before something happens between a couple, when you’re still totally insecure: Does the other person like me or not? That is definitely the riskiest time! This moment can last an eternity. To this sweet uncertainty also comes anxiety, especially if it’s the first time for both people. I believe this worry stirs up desire. And in this case, the period of desire lasts almost four books.

You are currently shooting “Water for Elephants” with the Austrian Christoph Waltz. How are you getting along with him?
Christoph is stunning, an insanely nice guy. He is not only a ridiculously good actor, he is also really funny, helpful, and a good colleague. I like his work ethic. I mean, the guy has won an Oscar—and despite that he is receptive, open-minded, and not the least bit snooty. And Reese Witherspoon is the same. It may be the nicest cast that I have worked with yet—a really great experience.

You seem to only work. What would the perfect day look like for you?
Recently I stood in the desert, far outside of L. A., and watched the sun set on a circus tent from 1930. Everywhere stood animals: elephants, tigers that should be loaded into a steam train. 300 extras in costumes raced around, the modern world had disappeared totally. Although that was totally fake, it still happened directly before my eyes! That was my perfect day. I would be gladly experience that every day. It happens continually to me: It calls itself work. That is wonderful and more than enough.


Robert Pattinson is one of the “10 Best Screen Vampires”

Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga (2008-)
Hard to credit, perhaps, but Stephenie Meyer's blockbusting gothic romances have made R-Patz the most successful screen vampire of all time, outselling previous title holders Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the Anne Rice adaptation Interview With the Vampire. Hardened horror aficionados may balk, but hordes of Twi-hard fans have swooned to Edward Cullen's otherworldly charms, marvelling at the way his skin glitters in the sunlight, and dreaming of dying (and being reborn) in his sensitively pallid arms. Chastity never seemed so attractive.


Peter has no clue how Rob handles all the attention

Do you think Robert Pattinson steals a lot of the attention away from you?
If Rob takes the attention off me then I’m happy to take whatever is left over because there’s plenty to go around for everyone in the cast. I don’t know how Rob handles it. I know how much attention I get and it’s crazy and he gets so much more than me, I can’t imagine how he does it. To have your life under a microscope like that when you’re only 24. He can’t even walk down the street to get a coffee without paparazzi jumping out of the bushes. If it was me I think I’d go crazy, it must be very difficult.


New Eclipse Scene in HQ – Fight Training