Monday, November 8, 2010

More on Isle Esme

Here are some pictures of the gorgeoussssss house where they're filming the rest of the honeymoon scenes. I could not have picked a better location myself. It truly looks magical.
According to the house's website, it has:

2 suites with king-size bed, 2 suites with 2 twin beds each, 2 suites with 3 twin beds each, and independent living room.

For more pictures and information of the house check out its page here

BD filming moves to Paraty.

As we all know, Robert and Kristen had a busy night filming yesterday. Today, both of them, along with the cast, have moved location to Paraty,

which is where they are filming the bedroom scenes.
The bedroom scenes are being filmed tonight and tomorrow night. It will be extremely hard -if not impossible- to get any pictures of this part of production since it's a closed set.
If there are any pics released we'll keep you posted.

Source: And Foforks

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Robert Pattinson Picture of the Day

This morning, when I woke up and saw this, my heart skipped a beat! Yes, that is Edward in all his Breaking Dawn Glory. And he looks sensational. Do we really need to wait one whole year? (sigh)

Great Fan video with all the pictures from Breaking Dawn Set Day 1!


Edward and Bella arrive in Rio for their honeymoon

A second set of scenes was filmed last night in the Lapa neighborhood in Rio the Janeiro. The scene in question is when they arrive in Rio before heading to Isle Esme. Edward and Bella hit traffic, get down of the car and walk around. People on set mentioned that "Girl on Ipanema" was playing on the background and people where in a festive mood.
Edward looks so happy in these scenes!
There are pictures online from Brasil that you can see here and here. And
Spunk-Ransom also has pics! Thank you guys for such a great job!