Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More news on today's filming

Filming for the honey moon continues at full blast in Brazil. Today, this morning actually, filming took place in a waterfall near Taquari.

Security is very heavy in this location. About 15 guards -backed up by military police, are restraining access to fans and other brazilians in the area. According to producers of the film, you can only get to the waterfall through a hiking trail.

Filming is said to take place from early morning to late afternoon.

Stephenie Meyer does not plan on accompaning the filming today. She decided to stay at the hotel in Paraty.

According to a source heard by the IG, after recording the waterfall the actors are likely to follow on to the location of Saco do MamamguĆ” in Paraty-Mirim. A mansion on the site will also serve as the setting to film the rest fo the bedroom scenes for Breaking Dawn.

Stay tuned for more news!

Via IG wesite

(PS: The picture of the waterfall above is NOT the one where they're filming)

Picture of the day - the calm after the storm

So, is everyone back to normal? Yes? Did we calm down? Practice our breathing exercises? Meditate, yoga, sauna, or whatever it is that we do to relax? Because, the last 36 hrs have been a MAD HOUSE! If there is still some stress in your life due to the Breaking Dawn madness, please, feel free to sit down and STARE at the "amazingness" to follow. But, like Robward says, "Breath, remember to breath!".
Have a great one, and may the filming Gods be gentle with us!