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Scandinavian Distributor Has Bought The Rights To Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami"



Scandinavia’s top distributors have announced the titles they acquired for the Nordic territories during the Cannes Film Festival.

Scanbox Entertainment has picked up Scandinavian rights to the UK titles Monsters, a sci-film film by Gareth Edward, and Bel Ami, starring Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman (sold by Protagonist Pictures)Bel Ami is expected to be released sometime next year.


Decoding Robert Pattinson's Self-Portrait



If you'd like to own a one-of-a-kind piece of Twilight memorabilia, now's your chance -- eBay is auctioning off an original Robert Pattinson sketch for charity. Pattinson, 24, joins a handful of mostly-British celebs who contributed artwork to support PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together), a charity that fights child abduction and finds missing children. Not only is Pattinson the hottest name on the charity's roster, but he also contributed the most interesting balloon sketch (the balloon being the PACT logo).

The description on the auction claims that the Twilight star's abstract drawing "may just be an original self-portrait" -- which, honestly, seems like a stretch. But as long as everyone is analyzing the drawing anyway, here's what our amateur doodle deduction skills tell us:

- The lines in the balloon are random and frantic, meaning Pattinson has a restless energy. Abstract shapes and jagged angles mean that he may be tense and have difficulty concentrating.
- While other celebs stayed far inside the lines, Pattinson extends to the edge of the balloon with his drawing, even crossing the border. This indicates an oversized ego and a healthy dose of rebelliousness.
- A few shapes inside the balloon resemble eyes; drawing eyes can be a sign of paranoia. (Hmm, why would R-Pattz be paranoid? It's not like he's being watched all the time. Oh, wait...)

Even if the actor isn't trying to communicate the depths of his soul through this sketch, it's still a far cooler piece of memorabilia than a mere autograph -- and it's for a good cause. If you have a bunch of cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can bid here through June 5.


Baby Rob VS Adult Rob (So Cute)



This is adorable. Baby Robert Pattinson VS Adult Robert Pattinson. The faces match up so well. Rob will be cute at every age


True Lies and Ted Mentions Robert Pattinson






Jake the Movie Guy Tweets About Upcoming Interview with Rob, Kristen & Taylor



Jake the Movie Guy (Jake Hamilton) who's done countless interviews with the stars prior to movie premieres, just booked himself an interview with Robert, Kristen, and Taylor today. My guess is at the press junket, so I can't wait to see the footage of this interview on his youtube link. Jake, please keep us posted!


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on the Cover of Ciak Magazine



Star Elizabeth Reaser Talks About Robert Pattinson's Dedication



Eclipse" is certainly going to have some high-octane action scenes in it, which means that the entire cast had to train in order to get their bad-ass on for the flick. While Taylor Lautner had been hitting the gym for quite some time in order to play hunky werewolf Jacob Black, the rest of the cast hadn't necessarily had that type of physical commitments to make to the "Twilight" franchise until the third film.

Elizabeth Reaser admits everyone had a hard time keeping up Taylor — including Robert Pattinson, who, we have to admit, doesn’t really seem like the type of guy who regularly makes it a point to pump iron.

"Well Taylor, he's the most fit person I have ever seen in my entire life," Elizabeth recently dished to MTV News. "Taylor doesn't even have to train. He can stand here and do a back flip for no reason using five percent of his energy he's so fit."

So, how did Rob keep up? Is he secretly some sort of gym fanatic? "I don’t think so!" she laughed. "I was impressed with Rob though. This stuff is really hard to do and we trained for hours and hours and hours and he worked really hard. And he's a great actor, so he really committed to what he was doing and it looked great from what I saw."


Robert Pattinson to Brad Pitt: Why Are They So Popular Among Women?



Today, when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of women, nothing compares to Robert Pattinson (24). Though the man from London himself does not know why he is so flavored for women, yet reasoning has little room for diehard women fans of Robert. Professional relationship with intelligent Kristen also adds another dimension to his youthful personality.

.Gerald Butler (40) has swayed the minds of hotties globally like Jennifer Aniston and Priyanka Chopra. Gerald has evolved over time only to become smarter and stronger. It is pure entertainment watching his rugged features and a stress that places him in a Glasgow bistro. His series of link-ups with global actresses makes it still irresistible to ignore him.

Taylor Lautner (18) is bit behind Robert when it comes to popularity measured in Hollywood sense. That does not mean that girls do not like to peep at this twilight star, who is strong with perfect physique and has learned karate since the age of six. Robert was quoted as saying by a popular gossip magazine, “I can take Taylor Lautner in a fight and win, but that would only be in the movies.”

Brad Pitt (46) has swayed the hearts of women now for a long time: That made beautiful Angelina Jolie select him as her life partner. Today, Brad Pitt is a choice for those women who see their partner as someone who has struggled from the scratch, is responsible, and can give them a great reliable company.


Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen makes 100 Greatest Characters List!



When I checked my mail today, what should I find but the lastest issue of Entertainment Weekly with a very interesting cover story -- The 100 Greatest Characters in the Last 20 Years. One could debate who made the cut, but that's an entirely different post. Twi-Hards though will be happy to know that a Twilight character is included in the special issue of EW.

In the #53 spot, Edward Cullen from The Twilight Saga is listed as one of the greatest characters. The photo that accompanies the feature is of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson laying beside each other in bed, gazing into each other's eyes. This screen capture from the Twilight Eclipse film is one we're all fairly familiar with. Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen is sandwiched between Kathy Bate's "Annie Wilkes" and Ellen Pages "Juno", #52 and #54 respectively.

Do any other blood suckers beat out Edward? None do. But keep this in mind -- a slayer of his kind does get ahead of him!

Stephenie Meyer should feel honored her creation made EW's list. There were some very memorable characters listed including Kramer, Tony Soprano, and Elmo, and Roseanne. I wonder if a decade from now Edward Cullen would still make a character list such as this???


Robert Pattinson cake photo - Make your dream cake with R-Patz!



I've already explained how I'll be making an Eclipse cake for the June 30th premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse. I'm not sure what kind of cake yet and who will be on it but clearly I'm leaning towards Robert Pattinson. R-Patz is so hot it's no wonder Kristen Stewart digs him. I cna't think of anything better than having his beautiful face on my cake. And after I make it I'll be sure to serve it on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart party supplies.

So of course I needed to research HOW to make a Robert Pattinson cake. I am having a bit of trouble finding recipes so if you know any please pass them my way. But I figure as long as I just make the cake and frosting flavor I like I can add colors to it to make it look like R-Patz in his glory. Now I just needed creative inspiration. I found that and then some on Google where others before me have made their own Robert Pattinson posts.

Check out the ones below and let me know which you prefer. Personally, I think they're all gorgeous!


Remember Me Film Fansite Welcomes Oscar Worthy Commentary on the Film

The Downside-
With notable exceptions this film has been panned by critics, most of whom, when they weren’t arrogant, were ignorant. In a misguided attempt at political correctness they trashed the shocking ending of the film to pre-empt predicted public outrage. That is a kind interpretation of their motives. There was also much envy and maliciousness, an attempt to diss ‘vampire boy’ Robert Pattinson for daring to be a teen heart throb and not, in their opinion, rising in the ranks slowly enough, like a good boy.

Then even Pattinson’s teen girl fanbase boycotted the film, for the immature reason that the vampire Edward was ‘cheating’ on Bella. Which brings us to the fact that the studio poorly marketed the movie as a romantic drama. This kept the males away too.
Therefore the film, by blockbuster standards, did poorly at the box office. Yet this small indie flick, produced for a mere $16M, has now made $55M world-wide, which is actually a very respectable figure. Compare it with the Academy Award Winner, Hurt Locker, which had comparable production budget and grossed approx. $45M globally. [Box Office Mojo]

However, the story of its reception by actual viewers is very different. Indeed, puzzled by the poor reviews, audiences have been jumping to the film’s defence, sometimes passionately.

The Upside-
Comments on websites and blogs have been amazingly positive. And that ending elicited mostly more positive comments. From general good ‘reviews’ from the viewing public, the comments ventured into more intense territory. People started sharing personal responses to the film and reactions of their families and friends; these were as stunning as the film’s ending.

People of both sexes, of all ages, from 14 to 94, reacted similarly. It is hard to encapsulate the sheer passion which they describe. Some quotes from the comments might give an idea but they should be multiplied one hundred fold, because the impact of reading them together is astounding:
-rarely does a film move me emotionally as this one did;
-it’s how the film touches my heart that sets it apart
-I cried like a baby
-haven’t seen a movie this honest in a long time
-it profoundly moved me; -never been moved so much when watching a movie
-they don’t make them like this anymore
-it made me feel, unlike most movies
-it’s a sign of a good movie when you genuinely care about the characters
-a deep ache in my heart.
You get the picture. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Then the comments changed. People started saying things about the need for repeat viewings, and here too, the number of people who voiced this was substantial; it was like a refrain.
-I rarely feel compelled to see a movie twice but this one, yes
-It stayed with me; I can’t get it out of my head and it’s been a week; I can’t forget it.
Next, people started sharing very personal stories, either from their own lives, or told how they and their friends felt the need to discuss it. Stories of loss, love, of 9/11, of their most personal griefs. This poured out of them. Remember Me set off a tidal wave within so many viewers, the dimensions of which none of them knew when they first stepped out of the theatre, after the first viewing. The film set loose a veritable tsunami of feeling within each one.

Comments changed again. People were analyzing the movie.
-sticks with you and makes you think
-thought-provoking and caused me to re-evaluate my life
-I somehow felt more alive after watching this film
-this movie opened my eyes to grief

Another shift in the comments came when they decided this film had changed their lives. They analyzed their own lives and had existential epiphanies.
-remembering helps you grow and change
-I renewed my commitments to touch others’ lives
-the raw emotion this film evoked from me had been untapped for many years and was transforming; it got me to step back and re-evaluate my life
-how do I want to be remembered?
-what if today is my last day?

Next new blogs began, analyzing the film from different angles: artistic, psychological, sociological, through the characters, themes and symbols used. People thought it should be taught in high schools and universities.

Viewers had always used superlatives but now they used emblematic ones. It was a modern day Ordinary People. According to some, it was ‘the best film ever made’, ‘the best film I’ve ever seen’, ‘my favourite movie of the year’, ‘of all time’. It had ‘a deep message’, ‘a film that matters’, ‘not to be missed’ and would have ‘a lasting place in film history’. And big words were being used, by quite a number of them. The words Oscar and classic.

This movie, which was panned by critics, boycotted by the supposed fanbase, poorly marketed, had found its audience—which straddled demographics—and which was in awe of the profound impact it had had on each of their lives.

We are now at the stage when next year’s Oscar contenders are being selected in a general buzz. Where is Remember Me in all of this? Again, there is a big disconnect between those with power and influence to create Oscar talk and those who have see the film. Call it the great divide. And that begs the question: What the heck happened?

To read the rest of this very insightful article, please visit The Unofficial Remember Me Site Today
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Julia Jones Talks About Working With Rob, Kristen and Taylor

Julia Jones, shown at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, says that when she arrived on the “Eclipse” set, she was immediately impressed by the professionalism of her younger co-stars, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. “My overall observation was that they just have it down. Kristen steps in and out of character. Rob – same thing. Taylor, too. It’s been incredible on a bunch of levels.” Of meeting heartthrob Pattinson, Jones said: “It did throw me a little bit when I was introduced to Rob and he had a British accent. I was like, oh right, he’s British.”

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Edward Cullen Lifelike Silicone Bust

Above is a picture of a silicone bust made to resemble Edward Cullen. And is currently for auction on Ebay -

“This is a RARE life-size 1:1 museum quality, one of a kind, silicone bust of Edward Cullen, played by actor Robert Pattinson in the hit film Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse. This is NOT an Edward Cullen doll, this is a full size head. It was custom made by a movie industry FX artist in between jobs. I was going to piece together a full statue. This is an amazing bust that looks entirely real. The soft silicone is real to the touch. The punched hair is amazing, the eyebrows, lashes, hairline are hand inserted. The eyes are industry grade glass eyes. The entire piece is foam filled with a core up the neck so he can be easily mounted on a stand or put together as an historic museum quality statue”

I dont really know what to think of this. It does look pretty lifelike but it also looks a bit creepy and it is missing the golden eyes. What do you guys think of it? Do you think its a good lookalike?

You can view the auction which has a Buy It Now price of $1399 here! 

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