Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Talk to VIP.de About Robert Pattinson


Reelz Channel Talks About the Twilight Stars’ Upcoming Projects


‘The Summer House’ to be released on DVD in the UK

‘The Summer House’ featuring Robert Pattinson and Talulah Riley is to be released in the UK on a DVD of short films entitled ‘Love and Mistrust’. Metrodome Distribution, who are in charge of the DVD distribution, confirmed this with Robert Pattinson UK

The DVD will be released on August 16th, and you can pre-order from Amazon HERE.


“Water for Elephants” Extra Cody Wood Talks About Rob Playing Jacob Jankowski

Water for Elephants extra, Cody Wood, shared his on set experience and also talked about Robert Pattinson playing Jacob Jankowski. You can read the section where he mentions Rob below and you can head over to his Facebook page HERE for his full experience on set.

Francis Lawrence, the director, sat under a black awning against the circus bleachers. His face was calm with a slight smile of satisfaction as he watched the footage. He exchanged words with the AD (Assistant Director). Almost immediately I heard the cue: “Pictures up!” A pause. “And BACKGROUND!” On background we all began the exhilarating sprint from danger once more. A plume of dust rose from our pounding feet and swirled around the swinging lamps. Wind pushed the top of the tent up and down like waves. As the motion of canvas, lamps, and people rushed about, the enormous elephant stood calmly in the center of the ring. “And CUT! Thank you folks! Good job.”
On my walk back across the circus floor I noticed a new excitement. There was no audible noise but something seemed different. When I came around the last large tent pole Pattinson had appeared at the end of the menagerie. I heard the start of the AD’s instructions. “Rob, we’re going to have you….” The young actor looked controlled and confident even while hundreds of Rubes tried to secretly glance in his direction. Most of the cast had arrived at their original mark but I was still walking. Fortuitously I was placed near the entrance to the tent just a few feet from where Rob was now standing.


Courtney Cox-Arquette Says She Has a Crush on Robert Pattinson

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Remember Me Poster in Mail!

Summit Entertainment is offering a Remember Me poster via mail in for those who have purchased either the Remember Me DVD or Blu-ray.

To receive your poster:
1. Complete this claim form (in pdf file on site)

2. Enclose the cash register receipt (photocopy ok)
with the eligible purchase date and price circled

3. Enclose the original UPC bar code symbol from
the product purchased (yes, you have to cut your DVD box)

4. Mail Claim Form and enclosures to: (address on site)

Form must be postmarked by 10/1/2010, received by 10/15/2010, and purchase must be made from 6/22/2010 through 9/30/2010.

Here is the link to the site with all the necessary information and the claim form and address: