Friday, November 5, 2010

2 More Days For "Eclipse" In Japan

I feel so sorry for the Twilight fans in Japan. It nearly killed me having to wait a couple of days longer than the people in the US to see "Eclipse" so having to wait nearly 5 months after everyone else is SO unfair.
But the time is nearly here for now as "Eclipse" Premieres on Nov 6th and to promote it Yahoo have released a video of clips from the movie including part of the famous tent scene.
(The title on the vid says it's for the DVD but it's not)


Rob Picture of the day

So Rob just landed a few minutes ago in Brazil and things here are INSANE! I hope they make it safely while here and that things go smoothly... even though I doubt it. It's complete mayhem. So on that note, we are choosing chillax Rob as picture of the day. Maybe he will be able to do some!