Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harry Potter Actors once again talk about Rob

The guy who plays Longbottom is getting cutier! lol Still love the guy who plays Rob funny and cute. Rob in this video is Breath Taking my heart hurt just watching him!

5 Possible Directors for Breaking Dawn

Which should Direct Breaking Dawn?

As We all know that Breaking Dawn has not been officially been confirmed as a movie yet. That didn't stop moviefone.com to list 5 possible Directors for the film/films. Most fans want Chris Weitz (such as me) to come back but the chances of that are not looking to good. The List they have is Tim Burton,Catherine Hardwicke, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantinom and Len Wiseman. I think its bit on the wild side on those Directors. Quentin Tarantinom is a very wild and very hot and rated R type, not good for Twilight movies. Len Wiseman who Directed Underworld is a little too darm, Catherine is a doll, she made the Twilight cast. Twilight was the heart of the story, the romantic part of it. But Breaking Dawn is a little more complicated and Catherine is a little soft on that part. But still love her. Peter Jackson, well thats a hard one. He did the Lord Of the Ring films and was great but that was more Fantasy (not to say Twilight isn't). Tim Burton, well I am not a big fan of him, but he is a little dark. Not sure if he can handle Breaking Dawn. So with all that said it's going to be very hard to choose a Director for Breaking Dawn film/films. I wish them Luck!

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Rob does not want to disappoint his fans

Copied and Pate for you, not very long.

He is so cute! Love Rob

Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson, who shot to fame after the success of "Twilight", says he is scared of not fulfilling fans' expectations.

"Before 'Twilight', I did any movie that I got offered. But now fans expectations have doubled and I just can't mess around," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Pattinson as saying.

"Today, I can't afford to be a part of any movie. I have to question a lot more now before I take a project. After all I can't disappoint my fans," he added.

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Rob at the "Lovely Bones" Premiere

Rob get a chance at being normal

At the Premiere of "Lovely Bones" Rob was seen sitting watching the movie. He was unseen entering the Premiere, but as actress Katerina Graham , from the show "Vampire Diaries" sat down she spotted him a few rows from her. She then tweeted "At the premiere of Lovely Bones and robert pattinson is here girls!” She added: “Should I kidnap him for the fans? He’s sitting a few rows from me.” I love Katerina but she should have not said anything about Rob. I really think that he wanted to so something that wouldn't put him in a tabloid. Poor Rob even Celebrities give him away. Thank goodness there was no pictures!

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