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Links and Coverage of Tonight’s Golden Globes

The 86th Golden Globe Awards are taking place tonight and as you all know Robert Pattinson will be presenting the Foreign Films Award. We decided to put together a list of links and media outlets covering the awards to make it easier for fans. We will of course add all of the photos of Rob to our gallery after the show so make sure you check back.

To get all the details about this year’s awards visit the official Golden Globes website.

Red Carpet Coverage

MTV Hollywood Crush will be covering the red carpet outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel starting at 7pm ET. You can also follow them on twitter here for live coverage.

Popsugar will also bring live coverage of the red carpet and you can follow Popsugar on Twitter HERE, Popsugar UK HERE, and Popsugar AU HERE.

KTLA -you can watch their live coverage HERE, starting at 5:30 ET/2:30 PT.

•E! Online will be showing their live coverage HERE starting at 5 p.m ET and their actual red carpet show beginning at 6 p.m ET.

CTV will be covering the show LIVE on Sunday, January 16 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on CTV (visit to confirm local listings).

•Living TV will be showing the red carpet in the UK at 11pm GMT.

Watch the awards live

•In the US on NBC at 8pm EST/5pm PST.
•In the UK on Sky Premiere at 1am GMT.
•TNT will be showing the awards live in Latin America.

Live streaming links - cannot guarantee that they will all work but it’s worth a try


Official “Breaking Dawn” HQ Still Of Edward and Bella


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Robert Pattinson Picture Of The Day

Robert Pattinson Video Of The Day (Edward Cullen)


Water For Elephants Set Photo's with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon


New “Water for Elephants” Photo of Robert Pattinson Revealed by EW

A new photo of Rob, Reese and Tai was revealed by Entertainment Weekly and you check out the magazine scan below (click to enlarge).


“Water for Elephants” Reshoots Announced

Several sources were reporting earlier this week that reshoots will be held for Robert Pattinson’s Water for Elephants. Fans have nothing to worry about though as director Francis Lawrence tweeted the following regarding the reshoots.

Moviehole also published some extra details surrounding the reshoots and you can find out more HERE.


First “Breaking Dawn” Still of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The first Breaking Dawn photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has just been published by Entertainment Weekly and you can view it by clicking the image below.

Make sure you grab a copy of the magazine and also check out this video from Access Hollywood discussing the movie and this fantastic first still.



Edward Cullen, Jacob Black & Bella Swan as LEGO's?


Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black were recreated as LEGO characters and you can head over to the source to find out more about the fan behind the creation.


Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s Greatest Kissers


Robert Pattinson was listed by Opposing Views as the 8th Best Male Kisser in Hollywood. Find out what they had to say below and click HERE to find out who made it to No. 1.

8. Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart has never said what it’s like to kiss Robert Pattinson (though we’re dying to know her thoughts about the experience!), while Rob’s Bel Ami co-star Christina Ricci is quite open about her on-screen kiss with Pattinson:

“He’s a sweet guy and super funny…and a really good kisser,” Christina Ricci said.”


Robert Pattinson Mentioned in GQ’s “Week in Style”


Rob stylish look was mentioned in GQ magazine’s “Week in Style.” What did you think of Rob’s People Choice Awards outfit?

Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles.
2011′s looking to be the year when the style voices of all the young leading dudes are cracking into something more mature. Rob’s honing his dark, brooding Euro-guy sensibility here with a Dries jacket.


Will “Cosmopolis” Propel Robert Pattinson’s Career?

A recent article from Metrowny is discussing Robert Pattinson’s upcoming role in Cosmopolis. You can read it after the cut and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on Rob’s most recent career choice.

Robert Pat­tin­son has been given his chance to expand his fan base and vault him­self into the realm of such great actors as Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise. By replac­ing Colin Far­rell in the movie Cos­mopo­lis Rob Pat­tin­son now has a film that can help him make the tran­si­tion from a heart­throb in fan­tasy films to a seri­ous actor in a block­buster film.

Cos­mopo­lis is a film based on the book writ­ten by Don DeLillo. The movie is about the story of Eric Packer, a 28 year old multi-billionaire asset man­ager who makes an odyssey across mid­town Man­hat­tan in order to get a hair­cut. Dur­ing the course of the day Parker ends up bet­ting his entire for­tune in the mar­ket against the Yen and ends up in trou­ble with peo­ple gun­ning for him. The plot takes place dur­ing one days time.
Pat­tin­son will star in the movie with Mar­ion Cott­ti­lard and Paul Giamati.

This is a great oppor­tu­nity for Robert Pat­tin­son to show that he is more than just a pretty face that can act in a fan­tasy film. I under­stand that Pat­tin­son is also set to star in Water for Ele­phants, and that film, with a good per­for­mance, could advance his career as well, but to be the star of an action/thriller film could do more for his career. He has already shown that he can play a sen­si­tive char­ac­ter with a love inter­est in the Twi­light films so Water for Ele­phants won’t give us too much more of an insight into his act­ing abil­ity, but if he can pull off being the star of an action/thriller then the sky is the limit for Pat­tin­son because it means he could act in any movie regard­less of char­ac­ter or plot.


Robert Pattinson’s “Cosmopolis” Will Start Shooting on May 23rd, 2011

According to Alfama films, the French production company, Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movie Cosmopolis, will start shooting on May 23rd, 2011. It’s pretty much confirmed now that Rob will be taking the lead role in the movie and we cannot wait to see this on the big screen.


HQ Promo Stills from “Water for Elephants”


Friday, January 7, 2011

The great debate Robert Pattinson versus Colin Farrell - SEE POLL

Yesterday the news came that Robert Pattinson was poised to replace Colin Farrell in the lead role for futuristic acting flick “Cosmopolis”.

The latest role will see the “Twlight” star play a financial wizard in David Cronenberg's adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel.

Farrell reportedly dropped out after acting conflicts due to him filming the remake of “Total Recall".

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Colin Farrell and Robert Pattinson both have ties to Irish shores.

While their personalities, style and character may be very different, something they do have in common is their ability to generate female attention!

So if you were lucky enough to ever have to choose between these fine specimens, who would it be?

Judging by age, Colin (34) definitely has the more rugged look and certainly has more life experience under that leather belt of his.

Meanwhile 24-year-old Pattinson is still a pup in comparison but has managed to build a stellar career for himself, in his brief few years of adulthood thus far.

If you prefer the hell-raisers then Farrell is your man. The self proclaimed bad-boy is no stranger to a rock and roll lifestyle where as Pattinson seems to have maintained his squeaky clean school boy image from his Harry Potter days.

Acting wise, the pair both have endless amounts of talent. Farrell, picking up a Golden Globe for his role in “In Bruge” and Pattinson receiving countless awards for his portrayal of the world’s favorite vampire, Edward Cullen. However considering his time done in Tinsel Town, for now Dublin born Farrell may have the edge in this department.

Style wise, both men are equally skilled in rocking their individual tailored looks.

Both men seem to have a way with the ladies, each of them safe in the knowledge that hundreds of maidens are readily on hand if they are ever in need of some female company.

The two stars both have a lot on offer but which one would you choose? Let us know in our poll.


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Robert Pattinson Video Of The Day

Robert Pattinson Picture Of The Day

Robert Pattinson To Star In David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis'

Robert Pattinson's time playing brooding vampire Edward Cullen is drawing to a close -- he's filming the saga's two-part finale "Breaking Dawn" as we speak -- but it doesn't appear the young actor's career is going to fizzle anytime soon.

He's already wrapped the lead role in the eagerly anticipated movie adaptation of the bestselling novel "Water for Elephants" (due in theaters April 22), and now Deadline is reporting that R.Pattz has snagged the lead in writer-director David Cronenberg's latest film "Cosmopolis."

A Cronenberg flick -- and one based on a Don DeLillo novel, at that -- isn't exactly in the "Twilight" fan base's wheelhouse, but taking the role is a strong career move for Pattinson. Cronenberg's films tend to be bluntly violent, visceral and emotionally wrenching, and "Cosmopolis" promises to challenge Pattinson and give him the chance to prove that he can play more than the tortured heartthrob.

Pattinson will tackle the role of Eric Packer, a 28-year-old billionaire asset manager who bets -- and bets big -- against the yen on a tumultuous day in the stock market. The movie will follow Packer on this fateful day as his limousine trip to get a haircut turns into a strange odyssey across Manhattan marked by various run-ins with his wife, traffic jams caused by presidential motorcades, encounters with some very overly sexed women and showdowns with two men bent on killing him.

Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti are reportedly up for roles in the film as well, though nothing has been confirmed.

A successful fantasy series, a lead role in a Cronenberg film -- if Pattinson doesn't watch out, he just might become the next Viggo Mortensen.


Robert Pattinson to Star in New Movie “Cosmopolis”?

Several sources are reporting that Robert Pattinson is in negotiations for the lead role in yet another novel adaptation, Cosmopolis. This is a fantastic oportunity for Rob and you can find out more about the role and the upcoming movie after the cut. We will update the site as soon as we get official confirmation.

From Gossip Cop:

Robert Pattinson has reportedly signed on to star in David Cronenberg’s upcoming adaptation of Cosmopolis.

It’s not a done deal quite yet.

A source in Pattinson’s camp tells Gossip Cop they’re in “negotiations.”

Barring a hitch in the talks, Cosmopolis will be Pattinson’s next major role.

The movie, based on a novel by Don DeLillo, follows a young financial whiz named Eric Packer as he journeys across a major city by limo during one tumultuous day.

Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti are reportedly attached to the project.

From Deadline
obert Pattinson has booked his first major lead for when he completes The Twilight Saga. Pattinson will star in Cosmopolis, the Don DeLillo novel adaptation that David Cronenberg wrote and will direct. Pattinson, who just starred with Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz in Fox 2000′s Francis Lawrence-directed adaptation of the Sara Gruen novel Water For Elephants, will play Eric Packer. A financial wunderkind, Packer risks his entire fortune to bet against the yen on a tumultuous day. His deed puts him in the crosshairs for assassination in a drama that is a study of capitalism in a slightly futuristic metropolis. Most of the scenes in the book take place in the limousine that transports Packer from place to place. Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti are also reportedly doing the film, but those same reports had Colin Farrell poised to take the lead role.


Photos of Robert Pattinson at the People Choice Awards


Robert Pattinson Taylor Launter Queen Latifah and Kristen Stwear at the People Choice Awards


Robert Pattinson Presenting at this Year’s Golden Globes

It was announced earier today via the official Golden Globes Twitter account that Robert Pattinson will be one this year’s presenters. This is fantastic news soon after Rob’s appearance at the People Choice Awards.

The show will be aired live in the US on NBC Sun­day, Jan­u­ary 16, 2011 from 5:00–8:00 (PST)/8:00–11:00 (EST)/1-:00-4am (GMT) so make sure you tune in. For those of you outside the US, make sure you keep checking back as we’ll be updating the site with live streaming links if available closer to the time.


'Breaking Dawn,' 'Super 8' Among 2011's Most Enigmatic Movies

We dig for clues about a spate of eagerly anticipated flicks that filmmakers have shrouded in secrecy.

"Breaking Dawn - Part 1," November 18
What, you say, everyone on your block knows how the "Twilight" saga ends? Well, sure, we know the plot. But do we know where "Part 1" will end and "Part 2" pick up? Do we know which characters some of the fresh franchise faces will be playing? Do we know how director Bill Condon will handle the famously bloody birth scene, and if it will even be in the first film? And heck, is there still a chance the movie could be released in 3-D?


Our Top 5 Films For 2011: 'Water for Elephants' Takes Center Ring At No. 3

When the name Robert Pattinson comes up for discussion, a lot of people don't remember him for his small part as Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Only the die-hard fans have watched the tear-jerking "Remember Me" over and over, and did anyone ever see "Little Ashes"? The 24-year-old British heartthrob is best known for playing Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga," dating costar Kristen Stewart, and to haters and skeptics alike, is seen as just another hot guy that likes to suck blood.

Movie buffs willing to give Rob the benefit of the doubt have been holding their breath to see him prove himself as a serious actor. We're pretty sure 2011 is the year he'll do just that. Yes, he'll be reprising his vampire persona in "Breaking Dawn" and showing a more serious side in the period piece "Bel Ami," but his role in our No. 3 film for 2011, "Water for Elephants," is what will solidify his place in Hollywood's shining spotlight.

It's hard not to be excited for the April 22 release. The film adaptation of Sara Gruen's No. 1 New York Times best selling novel follows Jacob Jankowski, a white collar veterinarian student who drops out of Cornell during his senior finals following a family tragedy. He finds himself accidentally joining the rag-tag Benzini Brothers Circus after jumping a midnight train and zig-zags across the country, making unlikely friends, finding forbidden love and seeing the dark side of the greatest show on earth. It's the stuff every good movie is made of. Oh, did we forget to mention that Rob looks smokin' hot, too?

The movie has already garnered a little bit of Oscar buzz for Rob's performance, and the trailer alone is enough to give you goose-bumps. Academy Award winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz helm the film with Rob, which promises to give you the same thrill of finding a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Robert Pattinson to present at the Golden Globes

Rob will be attending the 68th Annual Golden Globes this year.
The official twitter account for the award made the announcement. Not only will he be attending but also presenting. What will he be presenting? We don't know yet.
The Golden Globes will air on NBC on January 16 at 8PM EST
We'll keep you posted!

Rob to attend People's Choice Awards

Gossip Cop confirmed this afternoon with the peeps at PCA that Rob is indeed attending the awards tomorrow night. Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart will also be attending.

The awards are tomorrow January 4th and will be broadcasted live by CBS.

Will YOU be tuning in? Thoughts?

Source: Gossip Cop. Photo via Twifans

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Robert Pattinson Photo Of The Day !

Robert Pattinson ( Nice in Black & White )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon's new movie, 'Water for Elephants'

In his upcoming movie, Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson plays a character named Jacob...interesting turn of events, huh? According to several reports, Robert was undecided whether he wanted to star in this new movie, that is, until he met his beautiful co-star. You may think I'm referring to Reese Witherspoon, but that isn't the co-star that caught Robert's eye. Robert fell in love with a beautiful 9,000 pound elephant named Tai.
In Water for Elephants, Robert plays the part of Jacob, a veterinary student who joins a traveling circus during the years of the Great Depression. While working for the circus, Jacob falls in love with Marlena, played by Reese Witherspoon. Marlena is the star performer of the circus, and also happens to be married to the abusive ringleader of the circus, August, who is played by Christoph Waltz. The story centers around this complicated love triangle, a theme that Pattinson should be comfortable with by now, considering the ongoing love triangle of Twilight.
Rumors say that Reese and Pattinson had awesome chemistry together and that the sparks really fly in this movie. Can't wait to see it for myself!
Water for Elephants opens on April 22. Tickets aren't available yet, but soon you should be able to preorder the tickets at Moviefone allows you to preorder tickets at The Rave in Huber Heights, as well as Regal Cinemas Hollywood 20 at Fairfield Commons. It's a convenient way to get your tickets without worrying about long lines or sold out shows.

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Robert Pattinson Picture Of The Day !

Robert Pattinson Sitting on steps smoking