Sunday, November 29, 2009

Box Office for New Moon

Where is New Moon at the Box Office

New Moos is at $230.7 Million in the box office today. The movie has only been released in the US nearly ten days. This weekend alone it made $42.5million. The fans are just awsome seeing it more than two times. Kepp it up. Let get New Moon to number 1!!!!!

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Rob is the Row Champion!

On the Set of New Moon Robert Pattinson and other cast mates worked out to keep in shape. One Equipment they had was a "rowing" machine. Chaske Spencer had raced Rob several times, winning and losing to eachtother. On the last day of work out Rob and Spencer raced and won Spencer by a second! WHOOOO! GO ROB! TEAM ROB!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon at the Box Office

What going on at the box office with New Moon?

New Moon has taken in $206.1 Million so far. Over passing the first film Twilight, $192.8 Million. Twilight took the entire time in the theaters to get that much, New Moon only 8 days. Friday New Moon made $17.9 Million alone and is open to 4.042 theaters nation wide. Thats not counting the rest of the world. Even thought New Moon droped 17% over the Thanksgiving because of Sandr Bullock new Movie "The Blind Sight", its now back on top. New Moon is a success!

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Robert PattinsoN Videos of Harry Potter

some videos of Rob in Harry Potter.

I remember when I first saw this movie I was like wow who is that Cedric guy? HOTT!!! then felt bad for Harry and Ron cuz they are the stars of the movie. Then Twilight came out, and the rest is history....

it's a little dark but its the maze sceen

this one is just the ones with rob in it

some early scenes in the movie! OMG! dancing and rob talks about taking baths!

Emma Watson says Rob looks Rugged and Dirty! oh yes!

this is the DVD Extra behind the sceen with Rob and omg he is eaitng! so cute

wow they shave him! i want to do that! lol poor rob the bungie thing always hurts him no matter wat film he is doing LMAO

i do not own the videos so if they ask to take them down i will be but enjoy as much as u can!

Is Twilight going to the small screen as a spin off???

Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen in a spin off?

Twilight as a tv spin off? Well there are no confirmation but here is the word going around right now. Its said that Rob is going to play Edward Cullen in the tv spin off of the movie. If he agrees to do the show he will get $1.5 million per episode and is to be confirmed sometime next year. Weather this is true I do not know. I think its bogus, Rob has been saying that he wants to come out as the teen heart throb and do something else. Other films. Although he says that it can be true. Also Im not sure how it will do as a spin off. These movies are classic in my eyes. I guess we will see.

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Rob and Uma

Robert Will be in a movie called Bel Ami. About a journalist who sleeps with alot of women. Well guess what sexy, beautiful, hard ass woman will be playing one of is mistress? Uma Thurman! Yes, that is correct she will be getting to be in some hot steamy scenes with out sexiest man Robert Pattinson. It will be filmed in Pairs sometime next year.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Vids of Rob in interveiws for NM

Robert Pattinson videos of New Moon


Today Show

LA Premiere

Chuck the movie guy

BBC Inteview

Pictures that are hott!

Some pictures of alot of places and things Rob did for promoting New Moon!

Eclipse and What We Can Expect

What sould we expect of the New Twilight movie?
Will we be satisfied like New Moon?

Robert Pattinson and the cast spill what we can expect on Eclipse (Already I'm dying to see it) The cast says its going to be darker. We will get to see more about the Cullens and the Wolves. As we know, if you read the books, there is a love triangle going between Edward, Bella, and Jacob. There is more action and more Fights! The director made the film more action like, and I think thats good. I mean trust me Twilight was awsome, New Moon was Fantastic, and I love them. New Moon is a hit right now, making the Vampire look a fad for Teens across the world. Now here comes Eclipse where Wolves and Vampires come togeher more often. I can not wait! Rob explians that him being jealous over Taylors new body. Rob said that in Eclipse Edward is jealous over Jacob and that having that feeling for Taylor help him making the movie bealiveable. Eclipse is said to be relased sometime in June 2010.

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Looking like a Vampire?

Why is everyone so pale????

Fashion of Twilight has gotten big. Sales of pale foundations, powder, and pale pink make-up has gone up. Everyone has been looking like Vampires. Sweet! I'm going to call this Twilight fad!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wat I'm Greatful for

On this Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving and there are many many things I am greatful for. My Family, Friends, my Car, my Home and my Job. But there is a few more things and people I am very greatful for.

  1. Stephenie Meyer's for writing the Twilight Saga

  2. For Cathrine Hardwick picking the best cast for the best movies ever!

  3. For Summit to take on the Twilight Saga Films

  4. For the Actual Twilight Book, being ever so good lol

  5. Chris Weitz the best awsome Twilight Director so far he did a wonderful job in making the movie true to the book.

  6. Taylor Lautner being the innocent boy as Jacob is and for making jacob come alive for us

  7. Kristen Stewart for making Bella believeable.

  8. All the Twilight cast, they are so awsome and very very wonderful people with kind hearts. They are the best cast ever.

  9. And lastly but damn it never least but the very most important.... I am greatful for ROBERT PATTINSON!

I am greatful for Robert Pattinson bringing our belove Edward Cullen so real. So sexy, and so comlicated. Rob is so sexy, funny, and very sweet. I don't think God could have done better in giving us someone as Edward Cullen. Rob is making me swoon and hyperventilate in every picture magazine and video. He is the most Amazing man in the entire world and for that I am greatful that we have him. He is the best!