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Twilight Eclipse DVD may be Released late November or early December 2010

The adventures of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Twilight: Eclipse look set for a DVD and Blu-ray bow in early December…
Published on Jul 15, 2010

As it continues to earn a mountain of cash at the box office, with every chance of being the third film this summer to break $300m in the US alone, questions inevitably arise about just when we can expect Twilight: Eclipse to turn up on DVD.

And thanks to Amazon Germany, we might just have an answer.

The retailer is listing the film for release on 6th December 2011, which would presumably point to a US release on either 30th November or 7th December. Thus far, it's just listing a two-disc Fan Edition of the film, and the Blu-ray release too.

We'll keep you posted when this is officially confirmed, one way or the other.

In the meantime, here's that page at Amazon Germany


Robert Pattinson: Edward Cullen is terrified of having sex

Twilight actor reckons his character is scared of going all the way Robert Pattinson realises the serious consequences of Twilight's Edward Cullen sleeping with girlfriend Bella Swan.

The actor knows that vampire Edward has his reasons for not taking their relationship to the next level in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

‘He's like,"I'm not going to sleep with you before you go through this whole wedding",' reveals Robert, 24.

‘I think it's something to prove to himself.'

But Rob has his own theory about why Edward keeps putting off going the whole way. ‘Maybe he's just terrified to have sex,' he laughs.


Robert Pattinson on Mumbai’s red carpet?

Yes, it is time for all you girls to scream out loud. For one of your dreams might just come true very soon.

Hollywood’s current hot property and every teenybopper’s hearthrob, Robert Pattinson is in talks to fly down to Mumbai for the premiere of his much-awaited film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is set to release on July 30th.

It is a known fact that his fan following the world over is huge and now, Mumbai wants a bite of him too! After thousands of requests from his Indian fans to get him to the Mumbai premiere show, the distributors of the film in India have sent a petition to the film’s production studio in Hollywood to ask for his presence. The good news is that the request has been acknowledged and is being seriously considered. “We’ve been getting lots of requests from fans to invite him to Mumbai. There is also an entire page on a social networking site dedicated to this campaign.

So we asked all his fans to sign a petition and have forwarded the same to the studio. The response has been positive, and we are keeping our fingers crossed,” said a spokesperson from the distribution house. Well, so is the rest of Mumbai... it would indeed be a saga of sorts if Pattinson walked Mumbai’s red carpet!


Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolitan (July)

Robert Pat­tin­son fea­tured in Julys issue of Cos­mopoli­tan.

1. He doesn’t date skanky chicks.
2. He isn’t afraid to be a goof.
3. He works sun­glasses like James Dean.
4. He’ll whis­per in your ear.
5. He has seri­ous bed­head.
6.He’s just scruffy enough.
7. He walks like a tiger.
8. He always signs stuff for fans.
9. He’s sexy — even when he looks pissed off.
10. Uh…he’s really hot!




The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Artist on Artist

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Artist on Artist

Artist on Artist | MySpace Video


Stephenie Meyer Talks About Robert Pattinson's Best Day On The "Eclipse" Set & Angryward asks Stephenie Meyer her thoughts on AngryEdward & when Edward threatens Jacob by twifans asks Stephenie Meyer her thoughts on AngryEdward & when Edward threatens Jacob by twifans

Kim: That is the thing because it is different than the book.

Alison: He's as close to a vampire as we’ve seen him, because he was so restrained.

SM: And restraint is pretty much his middle name. And we don’t have the scene early in the book, where she comes back from La Push, and he’s like “are you trying to make me insane?” He really lost it. We don’t have that evolution where he goes overboard. We have a little bit, the battery disabling. Which is really over the line, and then he’s supposed to learn and he’s supposed to stop. By that point, we’re so far in, it’s like….”why is he still acting like this?” But okay, it is hot…I’ll give you that.

Kim: It turned out well considering it was a deviation from the book, and anyway……we liked it.


Rob’s ‘Water For Elephants’ Co-Star Praises His ‘Down-to-Earth’ Attitude

DUBLIN actress Sonya Macari will feature alongside Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson in her new movie.

The actress has just finished shooting Hollywood blockbuster Water For Elephants alongside the British star -- and claims R-Patz was a pleasure to work with.

Irish-Italian beauty Sonya, who is a sister of Celebrity Salon's Virginia Macari, will play the part of Rube in the Francis Lawrence-directed thriller, which tells the story of Robert's character, Jacob Jankowski's struggle to survive life as part of a circus after he is suddenly left orphaned.

"He seems really nice and down to earth," she told the Herald. "I only saw him on set a couple of times but he appeared to have plenty of time for everyone and wasn't affected by any of the fuss."

Since her part wrapped on the movie, Sonya has been working steadily after landing a part in a new series called My Democracy.

The actress is set to take on the role of a White House Press Secretary in the new show, which she describes as a cross between The West Wing and The Wire.


"I'm really enjoying getting my teeth into it," she explained.

"We're making the commercial at the moment and then we'll be working on a clip for a web promotion before shooting the pilot.

"Hopefully it will be picked up by one of the big networks. It's similar to The West Wing but with some different twists," she added.

Sonya has also recently wrapped filming on a new sci-fi film called Protocol, which saw her star alongside Lost actor Eric Lange, with whom she developed a close friendship.

On top of her budding career in Tinseltown, Sonya has also been firming up the details of her upcoming wedding to Irish musician Colin Devlin. The bride-to-be says she has yet to confirm a venue but is hoping to tie the knot in early 2011.

"We've a couple of different places in mind but nothing is confirmed yet. We've both been very busy with work as Colin is now working on music scripting for television but we're definitely aiming for early next year," she added.


Robert Pattinson Donates Handprint to Support Charity’s Fight Against Sex Trafficking

ECPAT UK together with The Body Shop have launched a global campaign against sex trafficking and Robert Pattinson is among several celebrities who provided their handprints to show their support of the campaign. You can view a picture below (click to enlarge) and you can get involved and support this campaign by creating your own handprint and sending a photo of it to ECPAT UK at You can also show your support by signing this petition which calls on the UK government to provide greater protection for child victims of trafficking.


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