Friday, January 7, 2011

The great debate Robert Pattinson versus Colin Farrell - SEE POLL

Yesterday the news came that Robert Pattinson was poised to replace Colin Farrell in the lead role for futuristic acting flick “Cosmopolis”.

The latest role will see the “Twlight” star play a financial wizard in David Cronenberg's adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel.

Farrell reportedly dropped out after acting conflicts due to him filming the remake of “Total Recall".

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Colin Farrell and Robert Pattinson both have ties to Irish shores.

While their personalities, style and character may be very different, something they do have in common is their ability to generate female attention!

So if you were lucky enough to ever have to choose between these fine specimens, who would it be?

Judging by age, Colin (34) definitely has the more rugged look and certainly has more life experience under that leather belt of his.

Meanwhile 24-year-old Pattinson is still a pup in comparison but has managed to build a stellar career for himself, in his brief few years of adulthood thus far.

If you prefer the hell-raisers then Farrell is your man. The self proclaimed bad-boy is no stranger to a rock and roll lifestyle where as Pattinson seems to have maintained his squeaky clean school boy image from his Harry Potter days.

Acting wise, the pair both have endless amounts of talent. Farrell, picking up a Golden Globe for his role in “In Bruge” and Pattinson receiving countless awards for his portrayal of the world’s favorite vampire, Edward Cullen. However considering his time done in Tinsel Town, for now Dublin born Farrell may have the edge in this department.

Style wise, both men are equally skilled in rocking their individual tailored looks.

Both men seem to have a way with the ladies, each of them safe in the knowledge that hundreds of maidens are readily on hand if they are ever in need of some female company.

The two stars both have a lot on offer but which one would you choose? Let us know in our poll.