Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 Reasons Why I Love Robert Pattinson

15 reasons I love Robert Pattinson

I love Robert Pattinson because

  1. His British Accent
  2. His wide Smile
  3. His blue eyes, when u look at them your knees grow weak
  4. His Hands
  5. His body, even before the Twilight Movies
  6. His hair, messy and sexy
  7. His love for his fans
  8. How he takes the time for his fans
  9. His voice when he sings
  10. His amazing talent on the Piano
  11. His talent on the gutiar
  12. His ability to speak an American Accent
  13. His Lips, when he kisses they become full
  14. His normal silly faces he makes
  15. And the way he looks at his fame, something that is to be taken serious but then lightly

Robert Pattinson is Perfect in my eyes for these reasons. I don't care what anyone says, I love him for being Robert Pattinson, he don't need to change in anyway cuz as I said he is Perfect!

I love you Robert Pattinson

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