Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember Me Pictures

Remember Me Starring Robert Pattinson and Emile De Ravin. Releases Feb. 12, 2010. The movie is about two people fall inlove and deal with their Life and Family Tragedies.
Robert Pattinson was in New York while Filming this movie over the Summer.

I think this movie might just get him out of the teen look and into real respected movies. He is very talented.

And ladies you already know this....S-E-X-Y!

Can not wait till this move hits theaters. I'll tell ya! He will blow us away with this film. I can feel it hehehe.

This are pictures of Rob walk in in New York city while filming Remember Me. If he was not on the set he was with these guys most of the time. His Body Guards.

The one gentlemen on the left here, I heard several times of him being refered as Dr. Phil and I must say, he does look like him, but tanner! Hahaha in all good fun though!

Rob, was never rude, was you can see a smile just to be nice. Although they did not do a very good job when Rob was nicked in the leg by a taxi while crossing the street. The big story was that he was runnin from fans and was hit. But in all he was just simply crossing the street when his body guard told him to hurry across and was not protecting him and was hit. He fell and got right back up. He was not hurt. PLEASE FANS DO NOT BELIEVE THAT HE WAS RUNNING FROM FANS. As it so happens all there was was about 6-8 fans and 1 paparazzi. He was going to a coffee shop :) Rob was just nicked is all.

Remember Me will be a great film!

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