Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson cannot find a Date?

an old article of People Magazine Robert Pattinson claimed he can not get a date. I don't believe this. Lets think about this, even though most of his fan are teens, I'm sure there is someone that is more of his age who really wants to date him. He reported that he took a fan out on a date and it didn't go to well. He says that when people get to know him that they are dissapointed because they have this persona of him, to be the character of Edward. So when they meet him, they discover him to be "normal." Well Robert Pattinson I am sure there is someone that don't think that. If your "normal" there is soneone out there. Cuz "normal" get dates. Just keep looking and you'll find her.
Ladies? Tell me who would die to date this hottie? I would!

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