Friday, November 27, 2009

Eclipse and What We Can Expect

What sould we expect of the New Twilight movie?
Will we be satisfied like New Moon?

Robert Pattinson and the cast spill what we can expect on Eclipse (Already I'm dying to see it) The cast says its going to be darker. We will get to see more about the Cullens and the Wolves. As we know, if you read the books, there is a love triangle going between Edward, Bella, and Jacob. There is more action and more Fights! The director made the film more action like, and I think thats good. I mean trust me Twilight was awsome, New Moon was Fantastic, and I love them. New Moon is a hit right now, making the Vampire look a fad for Teens across the world. Now here comes Eclipse where Wolves and Vampires come togeher more often. I can not wait! Rob explians that him being jealous over Taylors new body. Rob said that in Eclipse Edward is jealous over Jacob and that having that feeling for Taylor help him making the movie bealiveable. Eclipse is said to be relased sometime in June 2010.

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