Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stweart Outtakes

Harper's Bazaar: far as I know these are Outtakes

I think these pictures are so hott! Robert Pattinson look sooo sexy in these and Kristen Stewart looks good in a goth like style. Really she looks good with dark hair and really dark make-up! Very Pretty.

Ok, I just want to put this out there. I am not sure where this is from or if its true but I read something I wanted to share with you. Robert Pattinson has denied any kind of "romantic" relationship with Kristen Stewart. He has said (not quoted to the last dot!) that she is "the best young actress" He has stated the she is a good freind and she inspires him. Kristen Stewart, co-star of Robert Pattinson, has denied anything "romantic" between her and Rob. There alot of rumors that they go on "secret dates." Rob says that "how can we go on dates when I can't even leave my hotel?" He did say something about how close they are as friends and that they have the same taste in music and other things. They enjoy eachother company and since she is experincing the same kind of fame as him she understands what its all about. I say, atleast they have eachother during the crazy fame they have right now. As we all saw some actors feel alone cuz of being famous qucikly. Its good that they have such a friendship if thats what it is. As I said weather its true I do not know. If anyone knows let me know please.
Robert Pattinson is an ispiration to me. He is handling his fame very well I think. He is very level headed and very good to his fans.
Also I have recently read that his beloved dog Patty has past away last Christmas. Poor Rob! Rest In Peace Patty forever & ever!!!

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