Monday, November 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson and his BMW

This story is cute but I am glad he is ok!

In February Rob drove in his BMW to the Academy Awards and when it was finsihed he could not find his car. He says "I lost it." Lol poor Rob! It;s too bad we didn't get a picture of it. Rob then rented a car this is what he said "I borrowed a fancy car for five days and crashed it." omg Rob! he is a bad driver. I feels so bad for him that he lost his car. He has told Ellen that he loves that car. What does he do??? he lost it. Rob told a Hollywood reporter "I don't even remember where I left my car. It's probably been towed away by now. Thats my only immovable possession and now I don't know where it is!" Rob is soo funny!

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