Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robert PattinsoN Videos of Harry Potter

some videos of Rob in Harry Potter.

I remember when I first saw this movie I was like wow who is that Cedric guy? HOTT!!! then felt bad for Harry and Ron cuz they are the stars of the movie. Then Twilight came out, and the rest is history....

it's a little dark but its the maze sceen

this one is just the ones with rob in it

some early scenes in the movie! OMG! dancing and rob talks about taking baths!

Emma Watson says Rob looks Rugged and Dirty! oh yes!

this is the DVD Extra behind the sceen with Rob and omg he is eaitng! so cute

wow they shave him! i want to do that! lol poor rob the bungie thing always hurts him no matter wat film he is doing LMAO

i do not own the videos so if they ask to take them down i will be but enjoy as much as u can!

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