Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rob and Kristen are seen "making-out: CRAP!

Sorry Rob fans I'm posting this crap for a point I have been trying to make!

Well once again, rumors say they were spotted dating and making out. I really don't know why I am posting this but its all for you. So here is the story!

People Magazine says that they were at the after party for New Moon, in New York, then were seeing leaving together to have dinner then club hopping. Cuz ya know friends can't eat together or go to clubs together. But not only they were seen together at certain places but that their body guards were not doing their jobs and let them be spotted "making-out." Is this the answer? If so they were seen by People Magazine, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!!!! People leave them be please! how about i follow you with a camera and document ur life? Let them live. I don't care if he is with her. I will always love Rob for being Rob.

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