Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wat I'm Greatful for

On this Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving and there are many many things I am greatful for. My Family, Friends, my Car, my Home and my Job. But there is a few more things and people I am very greatful for.

  1. Stephenie Meyer's for writing the Twilight Saga

  2. For Cathrine Hardwick picking the best cast for the best movies ever!

  3. For Summit to take on the Twilight Saga Films

  4. For the Actual Twilight Book, being ever so good lol

  5. Chris Weitz the best awsome Twilight Director so far he did a wonderful job in making the movie true to the book.

  6. Taylor Lautner being the innocent boy as Jacob is and for making jacob come alive for us

  7. Kristen Stewart for making Bella believeable.

  8. All the Twilight cast, they are so awsome and very very wonderful people with kind hearts. They are the best cast ever.

  9. And lastly but damn it never least but the very most important.... I am greatful for ROBERT PATTINSON!

I am greatful for Robert Pattinson bringing our belove Edward Cullen so real. So sexy, and so comlicated. Rob is so sexy, funny, and very sweet. I don't think God could have done better in giving us someone as Edward Cullen. Rob is making me swoon and hyperventilate in every picture magazine and video. He is the most Amazing man in the entire world and for that I am greatful that we have him. He is the best!

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