Saturday, November 14, 2009

What does Taylor think of being famous?

Taylor Lautner and being famous

The vary attracking Taylor Lautner is 17 years old from Michigan. He relates to his character in only 2 ways "1)really white theeth and 2) a polite earnestness that is in exact poroportion to his age." On Twilight (first movie) he has a very small part, so Robert Pattinson and Kristern Stewart step aside (never for Rob) cuz its his turn. When asked if all the frenzy is difficult his reply " “Absolutely it’s new for me. I don’t think you can prepare for it. There’s no preparation for this franchise. The funny thing is none of us expected it." "It’s a different world.’’
Taylor gained 30 pounds for the New Moon, and the others to come, drinking protein shakes and carring food to help along with lots of gym visits. He was doing so much he started losing the weight that is requred for the movie and had to cut back. While filming the fans smreamed for Taylor and the actors who are also starring in the movie were startled by it. Taylor says "It's hard" replying to how difficult it is being out in the open. “It all depends where you choose to go. Movie theaters and malls aren’t the best places to go." "But it’s great to know you have all those fans and all that support behind you. We’re definitely thankful to have them behind us. That’s our driving force."

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