Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Respect Robert Pattinson

RESPECT ROBERT PATTINSON!!! has sent an article I want to share. It is very long and talks about other Celebrities and as you may know my only concern for this site is Robert Pattinson and anything Twilight. Examiner explains that Rob and his friends were seen leaving Hotel Cafe and entering his Hotel. Now maybe the word "seen" is an understatement. Hounding and Harassment is more like it. Paparazzi didn't just take a picture or two or even three. They just kept going at it. The more he tried to hide the more crazy they got. It was not right and I felt very very angry for that happening to him the moment i saw the pictures. It was like Britney Spears all over again. He had to face a wall to avoid cameras but still one guy kept snapping pictures from below. There is a video I did find and never posted because it drove me mad. Rob and his friends walked in the elevator and two paparazzi walked in as well, then was pushed out before the doors closed. What nerve they have for doing that? Paparazzi think they can step over everyone and anything just to get the "Million Dollar" shot. So they follow Celebrities until something unfortunate happens. Examples of that is Britney Spears and all her break downs, or the most awful thing to ever happen Princess Diana in a horrific car accident from running away from Paparazzi and dying Examiner tells many ways to try and make the best of the paparazzi. Maybe stop and just say "Hi" and maybe intorduce who you are with and try to take off some of the attnetion from you. Thats a good idea, but we shouldn'd have to think of ways to make the best out somehting thats so invasive. Rob can't even go outside to walk up the block to a corner store or coffe shop without the crazy paparazzi and screaming fans following him. As most of you read a few days ago I posted an article talking about being talked about fans getting involved and "DEMANDING" for the respect of paparazzi for Rob. There are pictures of fans with their hands blocking their face and making posters protesting for them to respect Rob and his friends. This article again mentons it. All of my blog vewiers and follwers if you want to help out go to and send in your picture, posters, or any art work. What they are doing is being hear, and I do hope they get the picture. I am thinking of shutting down this blog for sometime as a protest for the Respect Rob project. I am here to let fans know what is going on, but I feel that I am disrepecting Rob when I post the photos of him being followed when he really does not want to. If I decided not to shut it down I will not post things that offend him or his fans when the paparazzi's invade his life like its just ment to be publiced. No one deserve that. As I always say, Do to to other of what you expect for yourself.
One more thing, Twitter...If you see Rob please do not post it on Twitter, it only makes it worse. As for the celebrities you should know better. Do not post where you see him. Its rude, do you like others doing that to you?

read everything and more ideas to make the paparazzi a better situation here:

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