Friday, December 25, 2009

Rob is Winning, come help him stay at the time!

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The Improper had a little Christmas present for Robert Pattinson this morning. It looks like the British star is leading significantly in a poll the site conducted just in time for the holidays.

The poll seeks to determine which star readers think is more attractive - Pattinson, Alexander Skarsgard, or Taylor Lautner. Readers can also write in a different vote if the above three don't suit their fancy.

As of this afternoon, Pattinson held 72% of the votes, with 1,655 total. Skarsgard held 25% of the votes, with 582 total, and Lautner held 2% of the votes with 45 total. Only five people (less than 1% total) had voted for someone other than those three. (These numbers came from the poll site this afternoon!)

As the site points out, Pattinson and Skarsgard have a little bit in common. Both men play vampires, with Pattinson portraying Edward Cullen, the irresistible leading vamp in Twilight and the Twilight Saga: New Moon, and Skarsgard taking on the role of Eric in HBO'sTrue Blood. Both men are of European descent; Pattinson comes from England and Skarsgard comes from Sweden. And both men have risen significantly in popularity since taking on their immortal roles.

Final results are not yet in, but we're guessing Pattinson will end up walking away victorious at the end of this poll. Keep checking back for an update on the final results!


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