Friday, January 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen spent the Holidays together

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Sure enough, the photos capture Rob and Kristen, both wearing dark coats and hoodies. Rob is sporting the beard he was wearing in the photos with his sister, so they are recent.

They are pictured with the same young fan, so they also were taken together at the same time.

Rob looks as cool as ever, but Kristen looks a little sheepish, possibly realizing that the fan had nailed her cold with Rob.

Indeed, the photos seem to refute comments by both Rob and Kristen following their “New Moon” promotion tour that there was nothing to tabloid rumors that they were a romantic item off screen.

Rob has been quoted again in new reports telling how a crush on Kristen, after watching her in “Into the Wild” led him to audition for “Twilight.” While the quotes are not new, their revival comes at an interesting time.

So, it looks for now like one of the biggest romance rumors of 2009, will get new life in 2010.

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