Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breaking Dawn Is A Go!


As we've said once, twice, or maybe even three times before, Breaking Dawn has been a go from the very start.

Summit has been toying around for quite some time about whether to make the final, much lengthier book one or two movies, though, and it seems that they've finally reached their decision...

"It's happening," a Twi insider reconfirms to us. "Everything just has to be worked out. But it's going to be two films."

Stars like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been kept in the loop that the final book would probably be split into two movies and have been so on board to finish what they started.

Remember, our insiders said after the giant success of New Moon, Summit was more anxious than ever to pull a Harry Potter and break up Breaking Dawn, and shocker, looks like it's happening!

Since Stephenie Meyer has always had final say, looks like she finally found the "right creative solution" to turn B.D. into the double feature she wanted from the beginning. Still dying to know what the holdup was behind the scenes, though, aren't you?

We can't decide whether we're happy or disappointed. Part of us wanted the Twilight kids to be released into the real world of acting. But hey, why would we object to even more flirty Robsten tales that are sure to come?

Either way, now that Summit's going with the two-film route, they can start nailing down a director and have a superslim chance at making their dream fall start date.

With Melissa Rosenberg (sigh) set to pen the flicks, let's hope for a superkickass director. Any suggestions all? 'Cause Summit pays very close attention to what you Twi lovers think, trust.

We still say...Quentin Tarantino!



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