Friday, February 26, 2010

Eclipse Will Debut Before Remember Me


With the exception of an unrevealing promotional poster and a couple of (official) stills, Summit Entertainment has let fan hype create the majority of the buzz for "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which comes out on June 30. Now, three months after the release of "New Moon," the series' official Twitter revealed that the first "Eclipse" trailer will debut in theaters on March 12 before screenings of "Remember Me."

The debut continues a trend of RPattz cross promotion that began when the
trailer for "Remember Me" debuted before the November release of "New Moon." Summit seems to be hoping the magic hype circle will work again, drawing "Twilight" fans to the theater to see Pattinson romance Emilie de Ravin and to catch their first glimpse of the third movie (unless, of course, it leaks onto the Internet ahead of time).

This might be Summit's smartest theatrical trailer release yet, considering that in 2008, the "Twilight" trailer debuted before the Warner Bros. superhero flick "Speed Racer," while this past year the
"New Moon" trailer was shown before the Summit-helmed slasher "Sorority Row."

On the other hand, those films, whose genres didn't exactly match up, might have exposed to the saga while drawing Twilighters to the action and horror pics to catch the trailers. We assume die-hard Team Edward members were already planning to see Pattinson's new romantic drama.



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