Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remember Me TV Spot!

here is the video

Chances are, you've already seen the trailer for Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin's Remember Me so many times that you've got at least a line or two memorized.

Now, thanks to PopSugar, the first official TV spot for the film has been revealed!

In the video, a few new lines from the film are revealed, including some by Chris Cooper, Pattinson, and de Ravin.

Remember Me also stars Pierce Brosnan and Ruby Jerins. The film's official website just went up today, and you can check that out here. Additionally, a new interview with Emilie de Ravin surfaced today where she said the following about the film: "I fell in love as soon as I read it. It’s one of those few and far between scripts that you read that you’re like, 'This is just something that I would just kill to be a part of.'"

Her words resemble those that Pattinson said in his first video of the "Ask Rob" series: "Initially, I remember reading the script and thinking I like the flow of the dialogue and stuff, and it was just different. It seemed like, in a lot of ways, the main characters in other movies where there's a young guy as the lead, always seems like a vessel, they always have to be so naive and just ridiculously innocent so the audience can feel like they're with him through the story, and Tyler didn't at all feel like that. He felt like he was a very specific character."



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