Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert Pattinson's Make Or Break Movie

by Eugene Blackburn · February 16, 2010

Audiences flocked to see Robert Pattinson as a vampire, but will they come to see him as a mortal? The actor has had two previous non-"Twilight" starring roles, the Salvador Dali bio-pic "Little Ashes" and the indie coming-of-age flick "How To Be." Both movies were bombs.

Next month, Pattinson stars in "Remember Me," a romantic drama featuring some high-octane talent both in front and behind the camera. Will this movie find an audience, allowing him to prove that he can be more than a sparkly vampire or will he be forever cursed?

The movie, about a troubled lad reeling from family tragedy who finds love and comfort in the arms of a quirky young lass, boasts an impressive cast aside from Pattinson. Pierce Brosnan plays his inattentive yet well-dressed father. Emilie de Ravin of "Lost" fame sports an American accent to play Robert's love interest. "Remember Me" also boast not one, but two Oscar winners: Chris Cooper and Lena Olin along with a director, Allen Coulter, won has been Emmy-nominated for his work on "Damages" and "The Sopranos."

And, of course, there's Pattinson himself who not only is the movie's star but also its Executive Producer. His performances have always combined brooding intensity with a deft vulnerability. This movie might give him a chance to really showcase these traits.

So will audience want to see Pattinson in a romance than doesn't involve eternal life and blood sucking? Or will they give this movie a pass and wait for "Eclipse" to come out this summer. We'll find out on March 12th when the movie opens.


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