Saturday, February 20, 2010

A-Z Vampires Website


I have been searching for a long time now for the website that Bella from. I heard its not a real sight then I heard it was. So I have been on a crazy search sinc the move came out. Reall I do believe it does not exist. I have across some weird, funny, and exciting site that talk about what Bella found on the internet. Again not the sight I have been looking for. But i have visted this one sight a few time being dissapointed that it was not what exaclty I was looking for. Today I looked at through it and it was interesting. So I am sorry I have not found what Bella was looking at. If anyone knows of it let me know on twitter please @marixaluvsrob. HERE is the link I went to. Have fun learning about some different Vampires.


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