Sunday, March 14, 2010

As 'Remember Me' Opens, We Celebrate With Other Memorable Movies About Remembering Stuff


Have you spent the past several months in Robert Pattinsonwithdrawal? Do you fall asleep at night clutching an Edward Cullen action figure and weeping hysterically with the desire to just see Rob's chin-scruff on the big screen one more time?

But for anyone who was feeling a touch desperate over the recent lack of feature films starring our favorite floppy-haired Brit, today is a very important day: "Remember Me", the film starring Robert as a human being with pretty eyes and non-sparkly pectorals, is making its premier in theaters everywhere. Also starring Emilie de Ravin, the drama has been one of the most hotly-anticipated movies this year. Hollywood Crush is celebrating the momentous occasion of its release with a top ten list of some other great, memory-based movies that you can check out in the coming weeks.

Some are about amnesiacs, some are about flashbacks, and some just, er, have the word "remember" in the title. Holler!

1. "Remember Me"

Robert Pattinson! Emilie de Ravin! Two damaged people falling headlong into a passionate romance on the streets of New York! And also... Robert Pattinson! Don't pretend like you need another reason to see this movie. There isn't one.

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