Monday, March 8, 2010

My View on The View

First I must say that Rob looked extremely Hot in those really tight pants! But of course he always does! Emilie de Rave looked pretty too!

But I actually had a really big problem with the way a couple of the ladies on the show conducted themselves, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters. I mean they are both old enough to be his grandmother! For one thing, Rob doesn’t particularly like doing interviews, thus the word vomit he spews sometimes! But I know they had to make him really uncomfortable with the questions and statements they made! They even made me uncomfortable! Can anyone say sexual harassment? Yes, I understand asking him about the vagina allergy and the modesty patch, although he had already answered these questions in several previous interviews! But they would not let it drop, even after he tried to evade it! PUHLEEEZE old women leave him alone!

Then they go on and on about his modesty patch reference and ask him about his “unit”! OMG ladies he doesn’t want you at all! Barbara’s voice is enough of a turn off without having to look at her face! This was a very uncomfortable interview! Poor Emilie didn’t get but maybe 3 questions total because Joy and Barbara couldn’t quit drooling over poor Rob! I am sure he was totally horrified! I know I was! I just feel bad that he had to go through that and with his family there to see it!

Ok, I think I got all I needed to say on this subject off my chest!

Until later Rob Lovers!

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