Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me Review: Box Office

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT: watch at own risk.

Review - Box

Remember Me - Robert Pattinson channels James Dean (it was going to happen eventually)

by Pete Hammond

Drifting far from his Vampire mode in the Twilight films (but not too far), Robert Pattinson proves he doesn’t “suck” in a straight dramatic role and affectingly portrays a tortured young man with family issues who finds love with an equally wounded young woman in a romance underlined by past and impending tragedies. The name of Pattinson above the title will guarantee a large femme turnout for this brooding, PG13 drama, and although it’s no Rebel Without A Cause or Splendor In The Grass for a new generation, it has enough tender and genuine moments of youthful angst and romantic discovery that opening weekend figures should be sweet, word of mouth decent and a healthy afterlife on DVD assured.

Mild Spoilers
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