Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson, REMEMBER ME: British Reviews


Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me has been getting mixed reviews overseas, much like those the romantic drama received in the United States. Directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Will Fetters, Remember Me also stars Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Lena Olin.

Below are a three snippets from British publications:

"While the casting for this film is on paper very strong, it turns out to be its fatal flaw, as a robustly-New York based script sees an Aussie and a Brit take the leads. While both Pattinson and du Ravin suit there [sic] respective characters well, there is something a bit too British about the former which holds the emotional character of Tyler back, and something instinctively laid-back about the latter which sees her do the same." Sarah Garrod at inthenews.co.uk.

"There is a lot to admire in the film: the star is good (Pattinson will have legs when he’s done with Cullen), Allen Coulter’s direction is more than competent and there’s a nicely-chosen turn-of-the-millennium soundtrack (Sigur Ros, Ed Harcourt, Sparklehorse), yet it’s not enough to make up for the thoroughly miserable tone or contrived ending. Spoiling the finale would just be rude, but it’s the thing that absolutely kills Remember Me as a serious piece of drama." Simon Reynolds at Digital Spy.

"These ’seize the day’ urgings seem out of tune with a film paced to chug to its destination with all the urgency of a Sunday train, but just when you are about to seize your coat, a sudden tragedy occurs, one that is supposed to stun you as a profound insight into bereavement but is really just a tacky exploitative coincidence." Siobhan Synnot in Scotland on Sunday / The Scostman.


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