Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson Talks About Bringing Girls Home to Meet the Family


At its heart, "Remember Me" is a story of the romance between two young New Yorkers. Robert Pattinson's Tyler is a headstrong and slightly lost kid from a wealthy family recovering from a recent trauma, while Emilie de Ravin's Ally has suffered through her own pain in the past.

So how much in common do the two actors have with their onscreen counterparts? That's what MTV News wanted to know when we sat down with Pattinson and de Ravin recently. At one point in the film, Tyler brings Ally to meet his father, played by Pierce Brosnan. Has RPattz ever brought a girlfriend home?

"Yes, and ..." he said, before trailing off.

What's the problem, Rob?

"No, I always say bad things about my family," he said, switching his line of conversation. "It was always great. It was perfect every time."

Anything else? Any names you'd like to share with us? Or are you just going to leave us with the knowledge that you've brought some ladies home?

"Yes, I have," he said.

Fair enough, Mr. Pattinson! And what about Emilie? Over the course of the movie, Ally ends up running away after getting in a fight with her father, played by Chris Cooper. Has the Australian-born actress ever run away from home?

"Yeah, but I didn't get very far and I think I was about 4," she said. "My bedroom was upstairs. We had these sort of grapevines growing down the side of the house, this lattice stuff. I climbed down and was going through the horse paddocks and got to a certain distance and got scared and came back."

As de Ravin told this story, Pattinson broke out in laughter. "We lived in this castle in the clouds!" he joked.

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