Saturday, April 17, 2010

Summit Entertainment Addresses Troubling Reshoot Rumors


Summit Entertainment addresses rumors of problematic reshoots and reassures that "Eclipse" 'may be the best of the three so far.'
Michael Okulski
There’s no doubt that one of the biggest movies of 2010 is going to be The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. With New Moon having been released back in November, Summit Entertainment is wasting no time to get the film out in theatres at the peak of the franchise’s popularity. With only a little over two months before the film is released, the film’s quality has been called into question after news of surprising reshoots hit the internet
earlier this week.

As seen in the past with many big blockbuster films, the reported re-shoots involved some “key scenes” and “fight sequences.” Fans should not be alarmed by these reshoots as many films of this size go through similar routines. Due to Pattinson’s schedule and prior commitments, these re-shoots apparently would involve 3 grueling 18-hour days a week.

Despite these minor reports, Lainey Gossip also stated that the film’s director David Slade was not asked to be involved with the new reshoots. He supposedly struggled with the studio over “creative differences.” The series’ first two directors, Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz, were allegedly sought out to direct the reshoots.


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Tamie said...

Well I s'pose we'll see if the rumors are true or not pretty shortly won't we?
I feel bad for Slade kind of cuz he's had way more controversy than either of the other two. O well I guess it comes with the territory.