Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson claims his fame hasn't changed him



Showbizspy has reported that Robert Pattinson says he believes he has stayed fairly normal during his acting career. The Twilight saga star says he thinks he is pretty "down to earth" and could never act like a star.

The sexy vampire says he doesn't make crazy demands but he does insist on have a driver. He says he is a terrible driver a refuses to do it.

"I love throwing things around in my hotel room haha," Robert joked. "No, seriously, I think I've stayed pretty normal, I am much to down to earth to make crazy demands. Well, except for a private chauffeur, but that is only because I am a disaster on the road and others even forbid me to drive."

Rob commented on his fame. Saying it is "a bit overwhelming" being the most wanted man in Hollywood.

"At this moment it is too much, everywhere I go, girls are screaming or fainting," Pattinson said. "I don't understand why, because I am a normal guy who is not at all doing his best to be noticed. And really; I'm not as sexy as Brad Pitt?"

As we all know there are many rumors about Rob and his co-star Kristen. One of the most recent rumors are the engagement ones. Robert also made comments about this subject.

"This engagement thing is total bullshit, I don't even know where it comes from," he said earlier this month. "Kristen is my friend, I really like to work with her. She's more mature than her age, a real professional, I couldn't wish a better partner, because she makes my every move, every sentence authentic.

"A big franchise like Twilight is a scary thing, because it put me on the map and I'll have it for my whole life. So it's important to get along with my partner, and Kristen is the perfect partner. She sets the bar high, so I must deliver too.

"My only weapon for self-defense is to not care about the rumors. I concentrate on my work and on the positive sides of fame. You can't even imagine how big it is that I don't have to go to castings anymore. They are the worst. Especially when you don't get the job in the end. Now I have lots of people around me, looking out for me, asking me if the script is ok with me. People say hi to me, smile at me on the street, come up to me to shake my hand. Lots of people stop me just to congratulate. That's when I realize that there are so many good, nice, normal people. And they are the majority."


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