Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'Twilight' Star Ashley Greene Discusses Onscreen Nudity



In her relatively short film career, Ashley Greene has played a vampire, a hostage victim and an '80s-era teen. Whatever role she steps into in the future, Greene is sure of one thing: She won't be taking it all off on the big screen.

"I will never say never," the 23-year-old actress told MTV News at South by Southwest while promoting her upcoming indie "Skateland." "I will say, at this moment, nudity in a film is something that does turn me off because of the context that it's put in in most of the films. It exploits women, and it's not artistic at all."

That's not to say the "Twilight" star is afraid of showing off a little skin. In January, she shot a series of SoBe Lifewater ads wearing only a painted-on bikini as she posed in the water and on the beach.

While Greene currently has no interest in appearing on camera in the buff, she admits that if the right part came along, she'd have to consider going nude. "I won't say that, down the years, if I find a character and it's absolutely necessary and it tells a story, I wouldn't nix it because of that," she said.

So what does Greene look for in a role? How is she trying to shape her career now that the "Twilight" franchise has made her a well-known Hollywood player? "It's a very different world for me to be thrown into, being able to pick roles and say, 'Is that good for me?' " she explained. "What we're trying to do is build longevity and to showcase what I can do. It's a little frightening, but it's a lot of fun to be able to pick and choose. My biggest criteria is to be able to read a script and really care about the characters and be affected by them and want to know what they're doing and what happens to them next."


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