Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Bittersweet Serendipity" The Job


After Rob's phone call, three nights ago, I called Omar. I know I did it because I was angry over Rob hurting me, but I couldn’t help doubting that maybe I do still have feelings for him. That’s why I am standing here in a black cocktail dress and killer heels at our favorite bar and restaurant in Long Beach; The Queen Mary. The ship is famous for the many voyages she made and also because for many years, it has been said to be haunted. The TV show "Ghost Hunters” even did an episode on it a few years ago. In all the times we have been here, I have had no experiences but Omar and I use to love going here every other month, rent a room and wine & dine. The bar is called "The Observation Bar" it is very small but very beautiful. The bar is long and curved around the side of the room. There were a few chairs and tables at the opposite end of the bar, which made the place, look speechless. The walls look as they did when the ship was first built with white trim and wood finished walls. I always thought it looked fancy but Omar thought it looked old fashion. I was sitting at the bar waiting for him as usual. He was always late. I arrived later than I normally would have and yet I was still earlier than him. I ordered an apple Martini and sat at the bar. I had been waiting twenty minutes, and I started to get a little angry and embarrassed. I started to drum my fingers as the bartender came up to me and asked "Anything else I can get you?" I shook my head no and he walked away. I sipped my Martini slowly as a gentleman sat next to me. I didn't look his way, I sat there pouting, trying to decide if I should give up and leave. My ears began to heat up as I began to think how I was getting burned by two guys in one week. It had to be some kind of record. "Hello, May I buy you a drink" the gentleman said next to me. I looked at him with disapproving eyes and said "No, thank you" as politely as I could. "Come on, let me buy you one drink, you don’t even have to speak to me. I just want to buy the most beautiful women on the ship a drink." he said with a goofy grin. From my guess he was already drunk, and it was only 7:00 pm. "No, thank you sir" I said in a stern voice. "Bitch..." he said, and then walked away. I grabbed my glass and pretended I was going to throw it at him, but it wasn’t him I was angry with anyway. I was angry with Omar for being more than a half hour late. "Did he forget?" I thought. I looked over at the door and saw no one in sight. I waved the bartender down, and he came at once. "Can I help you?" he said. "Close my tab please" I said while handing him my credit card. Just when he was about to grab it from my hand I head Omar say "Why you leaving so soon beautiful?" I turned my head to the left and saw him standing there wearing a black silk shirt, and black slacks. In his hand a long was a long stem rose and a small gift bag. I smiled up at him, feeling relived he made it, and also happy to see him which shocked me in many ways. "Keep the tab open and it will be on my card" Omar said to the bartender. The bartender nodded and asked "Is there anything I can get you?" "Another of what she had and I will take a Jack straight up" Omar responded. As the bartender started to make our drinks Omar sat on the right side of me. He leaned over and tried to kiss me but I turned my head and his kiss ended up on my cheek. He smiled but I could tell in his eyes he was disappointed. He handed me the rose, I accepted with a smile. "Thank you" I said. "I am sorry I am late. I should have called but I just tried to get here fast. I got off work late." he said. "It’s ok I forgive you" I said. I couldn’t believe how happy I was feeling. "I'm glad you do” he said, smiling in response. I placed the rose on the bar just as the bartender placed our drinks on napkins and walked away. I picked up my glass as Omar held his up for a toast. "This is to a new start Marissa, you & me" I gave a small smile. I wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted. When I agreed to dinner and drinks I just thought we could just have a nice time together as old friends. His intentions were defiantly different than mine. I was going to have to do something about this. Make it clear to him that I only want to be friends and go out every now and then. I raised my glass and said "Here is to a new beginning."


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