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The Province: Robert Pattinson Reflects on What Might Come After the Twilight Explosion



Robert Pattinson just might be at the pinnacle of his career but he’s not going to fret about it.
Pattinson plays vampire Edward Cullen opposite Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan in the Twilight movie series, which continues its high-profile run with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which opens to a great deal of anticipation Wednesday.
Based on the best-selling Stephenie Meyer books, the first two film versions, Twilight and New Moon, earned a whopping $1.1 billion worldwide, underscoring the acclaim afforded to Stewart and Pattinson.

The final chapter, Breaking Dawn, starts shooting in October, a six-month production of two separate movies with Breaking Dawn Part I already set to open Nov. 18, 2011.

That means the reluctant poster boy heartthrob has a few more years to endure Twi-hard frenzy from fans who are tween, teen and way past post-college.

Not surprisingly, Pattinson has evolved since Twilight first hit screens in 2008, followed by New Moon last year.

So, yes, Eclipse was another learning experience for the actor, but for a slightly different reason as the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) heats up. That’s just as the avenging vampire Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard replaces Montreal’s Rachelle Lefevre) returns with a gang of fiendish “new blood” vampires determined to eliminate Bella, Edward, and the Cullen coven.

During a chat at a Beverly Hills Hotel, the affable 24-year-old Pattinson shares his thoughts on Eclipse, the Twilight series and himself in this brief portrait of an artist as a famous young man.

- First of all, he agrees that getting into the moody Edward persona always arrives with the costuming, especially the insert of those vivid vampire contact lenses.

“I think probably the contact lenses make me miserable as soon as I put them in,” Pattinson says. “That’s what creates the sort of brooding, pouting character.”

- Eclipse called for some other preparations, however.


“In the last two, I always run with a kind of limp, skip,” he says smiling. “I had to run more solidly this time, and so I spent a lot of time practising running on a treadmill — like one of those wheels that mice run around on. I got filmed to improve my form.”

- And having said that, Edward in Eclipse seems more at ease.

“He accepts more and more that he’s a part of the contemporary world,” Pattinson says.

“That’s how I’m trying to play him. He’s coming out of his shell … and by the end of Breaking Dawn he’ll be a normal 17-year-old guy — just a little pale.”

- Certainly, Pattinson’s Edward finds himself facing off with Lautner’s Jacob a lot more in the latest adventure.

“It’s kind of hard letting Edward have petty emotions like being jealous of Jacob and not being able to control himself around him because he gets under his skin so much,” he says. “But it became easier to play.”

- Especially when the love triangle begins to heat up between Bella and Jacob.

Pattinson agrees. “I like the scenes where Bella has to reveal something about herself in front of Jacob and me at the same time,” he says. “Edward is always totally sympathetic to her. But seeing another guy [Jacob] in it was more interesting.”

- Has Pattinson ever been faced with that sort of competition from another guy? He has to think about that one.

“Yeah, probably,” he says. “But I don’t know if it was about love. It was more about pride.”

- Back to Eclipse. Pattinson says he enjoyed his physical activity in the movie, but realized during one improvised moment that Lautner as Jacob was in superior shape.

“There are a couple of scenes where we have these confrontations where I push him [Lautner as Jacob] around a little bit,” says the wispy thin actor laughing at the memory.

“I thought I’d really scare him and grab his shoulder, and I was going to turn the whole scene upside down. So I tried to grab his shoulder, and his shoulder was actually too big to get a grip on.”

- Meanwhile, Pattinson seems more at ease with the Twilight fanatics who seem to follow him wherever he goes.

“It’s kind of incredible the information that they get so quickly,” he says. “Sometimes, I check [fans' Internet sites] just to see what my schedule is.”

- And then there is Breaking Dawn, which director Bill Condon begins shooting in October.

“I’m quite glad I haven’t read it yet,” he says of the final novel in the Twilight series. “I didn’t intend to not read it until now, but it’s quite exciting, and I have no idea what to expect.”

- And what does he expect will happen post-Twilight? Will there be a second act for Pattinson?

“I’m not sure,” he says. “I’ve always felt that if something explodes really quickly like this that it takes the same amount of time for people to think of something else. I hope that’s not it for me. Maybe it’ll be. I have no idea.”

- So what will drive him to succeed?

“I guess probably fear of failure,” he confesses, “and an inadequacy complex.”


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